Tue 17 Jun 2014 10:47AM


JAP João Azevedo Patrício Public Seen by 292

OpenMandriva communication needs a channel for dev interaction and communication between teams and community.

The idea is to implement a microblogging tool with social features that will make possible short communication for dev and tec aspects, discussion with easy following using hashtags and social communication.

The installation of a instance (my suggestions goes for gnusocial or pumo.io, with preference for gnusocial) will allow out devs and teams to have discussion groups (public or private) a personal adress nickname@social.openmandriva.org, easy xmpp, twitter, rss, etc, bridges.

In the future, social communication will be the basis, and that platform can move to a more broader use, ofr the initial part it will be used for public communication of tech and team aspects with easy access to public, made directly be individuals using oma brand.

The installation of a pod will also allow us to, in this fediverse, spread oma name.

Open the discussion on this matter.


Kate Lebedeff Tue 17 Jun 2014 2:52PM

this would be a useful tool and very good means of promotion
What is important, is to have ideas also from Cooker about means of implementation and operations, for it to be convenient for all team members and being actively used


Raphaël Jadot Tue 17 Jun 2014 4:58PM

I agree with the principle, we have to make two studies, one tochnical how easy or hard are the platforms to install/maintain, and which strategy to have with this tool.


Raphaël Jadot Wed 18 Jun 2014 8:56AM

@joaoazevedopatricio1 is it possible to make a list of necessary features? And also communication goal (do we want also to promote free software? Decentralized network?)


João Azevedo Patrício Wed 18 Jun 2014 9:26AM

Everybody should be involved in the process. The necessary features are:
- microblogging for communication (internal and external)
- easy following and publishing system (hastags, groups, etc)
- bridges with other technologies (rss, xmpp, twitter, etc...)
- descentralized for total control of our information and data;
- possibility for user to network publishing of news, releases of packages, etc, without "OMA" filtering, this means a cooker dev or a workshop controbutor with an account could post something about it's developemnt in a fast way without "censorship", regarding the fact that it's a social interaction system with individual accounts with the format user@social.openmandriva.org
- ability to promote OMA using FOSS technologies and to get involved in FOSS technologies empowering our values.
- create a communication channel that will bleed that will not flood blog and will improve dev to dev, contributor to contributor, community user to community user communication.

Hope it helps. and that is clear the goal.