Wed 8 Dec 2021 9:20AM

Steering Group Roles and Members

F Finn Public Seen by 15

Hi everyone,

Following on from discussions at the last meeting, we need to figure out who is on the main loveland Steering Group, and what roles we all are interested in.

Can you please add your name to the list in the SG doc, and add your name to the roles you are interested in (and add a new role if you feel it needs a place!). I have started the list already - see doc here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VG5kFvy3zcdQUCULqBjubGHemSd7DM7rWNU3gHPNr7o/edit?usp=sharing

If you want to be on the SG but can't commit right now, just let us know what you want/need




Finn Wed 8 Dec 2021 9:47AM

May be worth putting a shout-out in the newsletter inviting anyone interested in being on the SG to get involved whilst we are assigning roles @Tallulah


Loveland Wed 8 Dec 2021 4:56PM

Yes good shout, I will put that in the next newsletter


Duncan Wed 8 Dec 2021 8:24PM

I'm very happy to help wherever I can, but the meeting times that get the votes often clash with my work Being the treasurer is normally an unpopular one, so happy to combine efforts Alex if it'd help you or give you a bit more time to look at funding?