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Data Commons: Meet the Working Group


sophie Wed 11 Oct 2017 1:58PM



sophie Wed 11 Oct 2017 1:59PM

Data commons and the collaborative city
This workshop brings together the topics of control of (civic) data and the collaborative economic models that depend on online platforms. There is increasing interest in exploring alternatives that respect data and promote its civic control, taking into account possibilities for different modes of production & collection of this data. In what way can we facilitate data management and control in line with the social common good?
The workshop will take into account how regulations and policies on open source and open data, on the one hand, and those on technology and decentralized infrastructure, on the other, can play a role in facilitating data sovereignty and new forms of local cooperativism.
Moving away from large corporation and capital-led city development, we have to rethink the Smart City model and imagine data commons that socialise the value of data. How do initiatives like guifinet and Fairbnb fit in? The starting point for the workshop will be recent experiences in Barcelona and Amsterdam.


sophie Wed 11 Oct 2017 2:02PM

We'd like to start preparing the workshop a bit here. Looking forward!


sophie Wed 11 Oct 2017 2:03PM



Panayotis Antoniadis Sun 15 Oct 2017 3:51PM

I am interested ... any idea about the place and time of the workshop?


sophie Mon 16 Oct 2017 11:09AM

Hi there, this will be during Madrid on the Thursday(26) and Friday(27) October in Medialabprado
Pity you can't make it but great to have you participate here! Maybe a way to get the digital /internat commons group active again.


sophie Mon 16 Oct 2017 11:10AM

Maybe we should integrate, at least guidon what's already been done there.


Vincenzo Giorgino Tue 17 Oct 2017 5:51AM

Very interesting initiative.


Virginia Díez Wed 18 Oct 2017 10:07AM

Hey everyone, I will be joining on behalf of Wikimedia España. Looking forward to working with you all :)


Emaline Wed 18 Oct 2017 3:43PM

Hello, everyone! Thanks, Nicole, for starting this thread. I will participate in this session as a commoner from the US who wants to listen and learn, and as a representative of Holochain / Holo (a post-blockchain technology / its distributed hosting ecosystem) in Portugal.

Can't wait. Cheers!


Amanda Jansen Sun 22 Oct 2017 2:49PM

Hey @emaline which system are you working on? CEPTR? Or are there relations with Faircoin?


Emaline Sun 22 Oct 2017 3:42PM

Hi Amanda! I am working with CEPTR. In the past few months we have dedicated our efforts wholly to Holochain and Holo (pre requisites to its other projects). No connections to Faircoin. Our currency efforts are explicitly against "tokenization", which we believe to be the unfortunate locus where crypto repeats the mistakes of national currencies and become fiat currencies. Anyway. So glad you recognized the project. I very much look forward to explaining the project further and collaborating on next steps!


Amanda Jansen Sun 22 Oct 2017 5:44PM

Hi @emaline great to hear! Very interested in the details. If good CEPTR was recently in Portugal with Faircoop then? I saw Arthur Brock on a picture with someone I know from a former hackaton. I know there have been some brave programming actions and other actions past months. Very curious to hear more!


José Laulhé Sun 22 Oct 2017 8:51AM

Hi everyone! I will be joining from Seville, digital fabrication laboratory experience. You know, looking for distributing and democratizing the means of production in the digital era. But also with some ideas about archiving which can mix fine in the group. See you on Wednesday!


sophie Wed 25 Oct 2017 10:00AM

hi there, so i am the 'Point person' for this workshop. We will be a small group with quite some expertise it seems, so we can get a lot done ! :)


sophie Wed 25 Oct 2017 10:04AM

We hope to come up with solutions & proposals, making the most of people's expertise. There is an elaborate methodology in place which will direct us there. I would say questions could be what's lacking, can we do, what can we replicate ?


sophie Wed 25 Oct 2017 10:04AM

If people want to share ideas to focus on already before tomorrow morning, please do!


Draft Thu 26 Oct 2017 2:35AM

@sophie40 Yeah ! I think we should choose an open source ETL and contribute to it A LOT to make it very versatile and transform lots of data into other very EASILY !

What do you think ?

I can't be here in Madrid for your event, but I am working in a project to free the power to act of people. The goal is to use the online data (which is basically "information"), and analyse them to match needs of organizations, resources and people's skills. The people would use the platform we're building to know what they can do at their scale, and contribute really easily to different actions (filtered in function of their center of interests).

So we deeply need a useful ETL, if you can provide a team to work on that, it would be life changer for us <3

We've started a collaborative document about the ETL we know, but we are not skillful for this kind of things yet. So we don't know what's the best !

Please let me know if you consider going this way with the data commons working group ;)


Steve Huckle Thu 26 Oct 2017 9:00AM

I hope it goes well today, folks! Pity I can't be there. @emaline - I'm interested in your comment: 'Our currency efforts are explicitly against "tokenization", which we believe to be the unfortunate locus where crypto repeats the mistakes of national currencies.' Care to expand on that a bit? Or point me in the direction of some online resources that expand on that a bit?


Emaline Thu 26 Oct 2017 1:03PM

Yes, sure. We advocate for people to use cryptocurrency in a mutual credit model based on applications that are more like communities brought together to address particular problems. For collective intelligence and data management, for example, it would be computing power.

This way instead of tracking how many tokens exist and who has them (this is what takes so much power and energy using blockchain, "which computer gets to create tokens in a lottery"?) you only have to monitor the actual resources of the network. It takes away opportunities for speculation and does not work by fiat.

Here is an article: https://medium.com/holochain/building-responsible-cryptocurrencies-d45d7d2173ed

The website of a hosting ecosystem that runs this way that I mentioned above is holo.host and has a white paper on mutual credit crypto


Koen Wynants Thu 26 Oct 2017 3:26PM



Jon Richter Wed 8 Nov 2017 12:29AM

I have been watching this conversation for a while and feel it is a good moment to revive it with another view on data commons.

At the Media Convergence for the Commons in Villarceaux we also enquired with @maiadereva @julienlecaille @sylviafredriksson @fredericsultan and others about the general role of a computational commons we may find ourselves in care of. This may be enough of a subject for a separate working group. There is plenty of scattered knowledge here and there to be explored already, starting with

This connects directly to the procurement of data commons as outlined in the Charter for Building a Data Commons for a Free, Fair and Sustainable Future
, which is in development since March 2017.

What we found for a mapping effort like Transformap to proceed, is, that the building of the infrastructure needs to be cleanly separated from the processes it maintains. Why a computational and a data commons may as well go together. The one needs the other to have a reason to exist. After Heracleitos of Ephesos we could call this contentious coincidence. (gegenstrebige Fügung in German, but an English translation is also available, #117)

This is why allmende.io (Allmende is German for Commons) has been started the very weekend of the grand mapping meeting munich (#14mmm) that founded Transformap, which we keep on maintaining from the solidarity economy association Ecobytes. This is one exemplary mode to Separate Commons and Commerce to make it work for the Commons.


Vincenzo Giorgino Tue 21 Nov 2017 4:41PM

BTW, at the University of Torino we are hiring. I am a member of the blockchain group of the Co-City program, funded by the Horizon 2020 Urban Innovative Action and we are looking for a designer-programmer. Contact me if interested.


Jon Richter Tue 21 Nov 2017 9:38PM

Best Vincenzo, in which way is your posting related to the conversation above, or the general subject data commons at all? I am wondering, because it is hard for me to see any Commons in tokenizing distributed ledgers, offered as solutions to Commoning processes.

In more friendly words of response to the hijacking of this thread with a business offer, which is the problem in relation to data commons, that the Co-City programme is aiming to solve?


Vincenzo Giorgino Wed 22 Nov 2017 4:19PM

I do not think my proposal can be labeled as commercial as it comes from a public institution, the state university of Turin. In addition, the collaboration is related to a project aimed at encouraging and developing the collaborative economy and commons (http://www.uia-initiative.eu/en/uia-cities/turin
However, always friendly, how many people get their living from the commons economy? I only know one. It seems to me all to be built, whether we are in the state, in a cooperative or in the private sector. But here it seems that there are no premises for that. What strikes me is the censorship on the previous message of a member who manifests his interest in my proposal. I believe that fact counts on thousands of theoretical discussions. I would be happy to be wrong.


Tibor Katelbach Wed 22 Nov 2017 5:12PM

my interest in your project was not censored​ , i send it in private to not pollute the thread and I'm still interested :)


Vincenzo Giorgino Wed 22 Nov 2017 6:07PM

Dear Jon Richter you have no rights to delete my messages. It is a form of violence.


Vincenzo Giorgino Wed 22 Nov 2017 6:16PM

Ok. I hope my answer has clarified the meaning of my offer and the reference to hijacking has been made in a moment of inattention.
As I am not able to distinguish here between public and private messages I invite Tiber to write me to my institutional email address vincenzo.giorgino@unito.it.
Any conversation about the Co-City program is very welcome and I will go back to it when possible.


Oliver Kalleinen Mon 27 Nov 2017 2:56PM

It is just not so clear how to communicate within the work groups. In the moment this thread is more like a catch all thread.


Emaline Tue 5 Dec 2017 7:40PM

Just a heads up to everyone who's interested in data commons, the project me and a huge team have been working on launched today. It's a hosting ecosystem to begin migrating web users to distributed applications!

Here's our page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/take-back-the-internet-with-shared-p2p-hosting-money-community/x/17806786#/backers


Simon Grant Mon 11 Dec 2017 10:46AM

Holo looks great -- how do we check up on the underlying values? are there some genuinely independent reviews out there?


Emaline Tue 12 Dec 2017 10:23PM

Hey, thanks! How technical would you want the review to be? Someone recently said on Twitter that everyone who goes to review Holochain (the blockchain alternative that Holo is built on/made to jumpstart) ends up just...joining the group. Hehehe. Underlying values, though? I recommend checking out our "green paper". It's kind of our long description of the plan, which primarily comes from our choice not to accept any venture capital: https://holo.host/greenpaper