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2019 CMC Camp Ideas/ Brainstorming

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Maybe a thread to have space for ideas for next year's camp from folks could allow for some democratic and creative brain storming.


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A few ideas for next year’s camp that are more pie in the sky at this point. i.e. folks that could be very cool to bring into our programming. This is meant to spark conversation rather than lock anything in or disrupt other possibilities/ goals camp. I also know I will forget all this information in 4 months. So, putting ideas to page now is better for me.

1- Anti-Mining Industry Workshop: Kraken Watch has been doing some good work around mining justice movement to educate youth, adults, and communities about Canadian mining-based violence against Indigenous peoples, marginalized communities, activists, and the environment over the last little while. These folks could have a very active workshop that could be adapted to a camp site easily. Reaching out to them in the future to discuss could be very useful, if we want to go that way. Could be in door or out door stations. I am sure they would be happy to negotiate practice and do some adaptation brain storming. Largely volunteer run. Got the vibe these folks are a good network to know. These folks would be open to an anti-mining/ anti-climate change art happening.

2-March for Our Lives: In terms of exceptional youth-based movements, the youth who survived major gun violence last year formed a social movement that has been using social media, marches, mass walk-out, and advocacy to protest corporate gun lobby. A few options here. Get academics friends to run a conference to cover their travel costs and invite some of them up and then have them join at camp; just invite them to camp; or do a webcast kind of thing at some point. I think this kind of grassroots model these youth displayed could really help us think about acting local and national organising in the future.

3-US Youth Climate Lawsuit: Some youth in the US are suing the US government due to its persistent failure to address climate change. I think we should talk to them about how to mobilize around this. Invite/ Webcast/or have an interview or do a workshop about practices that worked for them.

4- Our own Climate Lawsuit Workshop: Get the Movement Defence Committee (lawyers who support social justice organising) or a major set of critical lawyers or a law firm to come in and organise a work shop on how to do a Charter challenge, court challenges program happening, human rights complaint, or human rights complaint of our own against the Canadian government for a total failure to enact Kyoto, Paris Declaration, etc. Build an entire day long forum around how to take government to task and do a major legal action at different levels against government inaction via every legal mechanism. Talk to our allies, friends, activists, and lawyers about coming in for this?


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Hey all can we please make a report for 2019? we have the template some pics and dont need to do much work on it- I am happy to help- we could have a report making party dinner at our house if you like....it would help OASIS south, any fundraising/grants and next years' Activities


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