Update on the I-5/Cascadia Caravan

DH Daniel Hong Public Seen by 8

This is an update for July 14, 2014:

  1. Due to reception and financial restraints, I decided to downsize from a 12-passenger van from Budget to a 7-passenger mini-van from Getaround. Getaround is by FAR the more affordable option, as I can currently afford the trip in-full not with Budget, but with Getaround. The ride is ON!

  2. There are two locked-in passengers for the van (including myself), one locked-in driver, three passengers in-process, and one driver in-process. There are 1 ~ 4 seats remaining.

  3. I made the appropriate changes on my online ticketing system for my van.


Sally G Tue 15 Jul 2014 11:38AM

Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing you in Sacramento!