Mon 12 Oct 2015 11:36AM

Should there be an InaSAFE presence at UR 2016

TS Tim Sutton Public Seen by 212

Understanding Risk 2016 is going to be in Turkey in May 16-20 2016. It would be really good to have a presence there as the InaSAFE project since this is one of the key platforms for Disaster Managers use to learn about new developments and approaches to DRM.

As such, I am proposing that we hold a workshop during the event to introduce potential users to our software. Possibly additional sessions could be held to carry out more high level discussion such as strategic planning for the future direction of InaSAFE, needs assessment, forging new collaborations with interested parties and organisations, and so on. We could also contemplate holding a side event 'sprint' where we can do some team based development of new features or tools for InaSAFE, although I don't know if this is the right platform for this kind of engagement.

The submissions close for the event on 15 October, and I have already gone ahead and made a workshop submission. If others in this discussion feel there is merit, we could make some further submissions.

What do others think?