2/20/19: 2pm Webinar How Digital Verification is Transforming Mortgage Experience

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Just learned about this and eager to share with others interested in cocreating an OPEN HousingID. Two other updates: (1) WBUR's Radio Boston is having a weeklong series on the housing crisis, listen at 3:00pm today on 90.9fm. (2) The US Senate Committee on Commerce is hosting a public hearing on the need for a national digital data privacy bill. Anyone following that conversation or attending the event on Feb. 27th?

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How Digital Verification is Transforming the Mortgage Experience

Don't miss this webinar where we discuss the impact of consumer-permissioned data is having on mortgage lending and how digital verifications can enhance both the borrower and lender experience during origination.

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Weds, February 20th, 2pm ET
60 minutes

What you'll learn:

How digital verification using consumer-permissioned data is changing the industry… And what it means for the future of mortgage lending.

What technical trends are enabling digital verifications.

How to successfully integrate digital verification into your workflow (buying technology is one thing, people actually adopting it is another).

How to choose the programs and technology partners that will help you implement a digital verification process today, and set you up for future innovations.

Key lessons learned from successful deployments.

Panelists include two people from Freddie Mac.



Bill Wendel Wed 20 Feb 2019 7:20PM

Great to hear someone from Freddie Mac talking about the empowered consumer, with consumer as the hub of the transaction


Bill Wendel Wed 20 Feb 2019 7:24PM

Submitted this question, just before the reference to hometown heros, MIT's Digital Currency Initiative:

"If the consumers is creating efficiencies by exercising these empowerment tools, what kind of savings are possible. Will new business models emerge that compete based on sharing those savings?"


Bill Wendel Wed 20 Feb 2019 7:31PM

Using old school language -- Capturing consumers, so asked:

"May I respectfully ask, If the consumer can manage their own digital data, why do you talk about “capturing them?” If they are empowered, they will use their own digital identity — their HousingID to generate savings from vendors in the real estate ecosystem willing to compete for their business."


Bill Wendel Wed 20 Feb 2019 7:52PM

Link to videos / tutorials from featured solution provider: