Using BostonID to advance HousingID prototypes

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Initially thought the City of Boston was issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to CREATE a Municipal ID, but it's subsequently become clear that their first scope is "to assess the demand and study the FEASIBILITY of implementing a municipal ID program in Boston, including an evaluation plan."


I've already corresponded with the city to ask whether vendors will be encouraged to build towards or incorporate blockchain technology from the outset.

Regardless, I am interested in using the Municipal ID to address one of the mayor's priorities: affordable housing. Beyond that, there is an opportunity to use the visibility of the City's RFP to begin a broader, OPEN conversation about the creation of housing ID's, that can be used in Boston, across the river in Cambridge, anywhere in Massachusetts or potentially the world.

Would anyone like to participate in a multi-stakeholder conversation about that? The conversation need not be limited to blockchain, or be limited to talk. My guess is that some development efforts are already underway, and my goal is to encourage homebuyer ID that compete on features and functions that benefit the consumer whether they live Boston or beyond.

From my perspective, that means delivering savings -- potentially BILLIONS annually.

If we wait for standards committees, my fear is that this will move at a snail's pace. Anyone want to sprint ahead -- potentially ahead of the City of Boston's feasibility study -- to build some prototypes, note PLURAL!

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Bill Wendel Thu 16 Feb 2017 7:52PM

Here are three links from five to six years ago, and my thinking continues to evolve:

2010: reVRM-Minifesto: 22 Idea starters

2011: Could ID project in India become inspiration for Homebuyer ID in US?

2012: How will Digital Asset Grid, Identity & VRM transform real estate? SLIDES

Regardless of who is selected to conduct the feasibility study for the Municipal ID, the development of a HousingID is overdue and ​will have a transformative, money-saving impact for the homebuyers the Housing i-Lab's seeks to serve.

Feel free to share this information, as I will cross post it to the open collaboration platform:


Bill Wendel


Bill Wendel Tue 28 Mar 2017 6:13PM

Two meetings tonight provide an opportunity to explore this question:

Can blockchain-enabled HousingID's enable P2P transactions, aggregate Housing Demand?


Anyone want to meet at one or both of the meetings?

Bill Wendel