Thu 15 Apr 2021 3:05PM

Resources page on our website

EME Erica May / EM Public Seen by 11

i'm working on the website a little bit at a time and so far i've embedded an air table with a gallery of resources. would love some feedback!

link to the resources page: https://stjamestowncoop.org/resources/

  • Resource submission form: https://airtable.com/shrBMwXHiWe7vsvlu

    • made this form for coop members to share resources (not for the public as new submissions are immediately live, but we could change that!)

  • Tags: more tags can be added but my thinking was that by using tags, we could embed the same resources airtable into different pages but filter them so they only show the appropriate resources. for example, on the food & foraging page, we can embed an airtable filtering for resources tagged "food and foraging"

here's a screenshot:


Azikee Fri 16 Apr 2021 1:29PM

this is nice Em


Erica May / EM Fri 16 Apr 2021 2:06PM

thank u so much azikee!!


Petra hanzlik Fri 16 Apr 2021 6:53PM

I started a thread RESOURCES feel free to draw from there! Great idea to add to web! How are u defining resources exactly?


Erica May / EM Wed 21 Apr 2021 3:36PM

will do!! and thats a great q... i started a google doc and ill share it in another comment here! will definitely need some categories!


Erica May / EM Wed 21 Apr 2021 3:40PM

Resource Categories/Directory

^ started a google doc to build the directory for the resources page! this is going to be for public-facing resources -- we're planning on having a coop members-facing page to log into which would probably house a wider range of resources!

please add category ideas + any pertinent resources that might fit into them :)