In person meet up date.

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Hi guys, we should have an irl meeting specifically for this (as Michell has already suggested)! When are people free? How do people feel about like an evening meeting sometime? (I don't think I am free during days now). We could meet up somewhere for food and whatever and start discussing details! :)


Zoe Hayes Fri 22 Jul 2016 9:31PM

Also thanks Angelo for setting these discussion things up :)


Zoe Hayes Fri 22 Jul 2016 9:38PM

I like Di's '35, Survive and Thrive!' them suggestion, is that what we are going with? Also if the date is confirmed to be the 24th Sep and The Attic has not already been approached about the event then I can do so asap!


Zoe Hayes Fri 22 Jul 2016 9:46PM

I just saw the emails around this! :) Sophie could we do Wednesday evening? I thought I had the day off work but turns out I don't..


Michell Reddy Sun 24 Jul 2016 9:47PM

I can't do evenings- but things that need to be addressed so I can book the march include:

time and date of march and time of gig I need confirmation on this ASAP so I can book road closures etc. I'll bring this to admin supervision tomorrow
Looking to confirm speakers and performances- Angelo has some really cool suggestions for performers
Do we want there to be speakers at the Octagon? -IE a rally and then move to the Attic? >Sophie and Zoe- I have one speaker that we have to invite because she wrote a letter of support to get funding - that's Jan Logie if one of you could send her an email after we confirm dates and times that would be amazing :)

I'll start drafting up the poster this week :)


Angelo Libeau Mon 25 Jul 2016 6:24AM

Hi yes I have some people that may be interested in coming down from AK to perform, but possibly only if we push the date back? Only maybe to the following weekend. Obviously if it isn't ideal then that's fine too, I'm just seeing how fixed to the 24th we are at the moment.


Zoe Hayes Thu 28 Jul 2016 9:50AM

Everyone still keen for meeting on monday evening? What time and where suits people? I have made contact with the attic asking if we can have the gig there, i messaged Daneil Blackball Alexander about it, he is in charge of gigs there. He didnt see any problem with it but is going to get back to me after checking with others who rent the attic.


Michell Reddy Fri 29 Jul 2016 5:00AM

We can definitely change the date as I haven't booked anything, and I'm available for wherever, whenever on Monday.


Zoe Hayes Fri 29 Jul 2016 10:32AM

Cool, I was thinking we could meet at dog with two tails? After 5pm as Angelo will be in the office till then, what do you all think?


Zoe Hayes Mon 1 Aug 2016 1:48AM

I have sent out an email in regards to this. I reckon 5.30 meet at Dog with Two Tails!