Sun 17 May 2015 8:46AM

Is Loomio something you would use in your ESL classroom?

JCS Jan Christer Sannes Public Seen by 153

Give some reasons and examples you can think of as to why (or why not) and how you would use Loomio in the ESL classroom!


Jan Christer Sannes Sun 17 May 2015 8:48AM

I think this web tool looks great! It facilitates student interaction, student participation, decision-making and giving reasons for their choices. There are quite a lot of possibilities! How would you use this tool in your ESL classroom?


Ms EOI Teacher Mon 18 May 2015 1:57AM

Indeed! As I mentioned in the group when I introduced the activity, I already do and my students love it! It's a great tool to give them a voice and motivate them in the projects. You just have to make sure the choices you present to your students suit the needs for your projects and them let them make the final choice. You'll see great results from the start!