Mon 4 Oct 2021 2:11PM

Cai Facilitates Team Meeting 2

NJJ Nijil Jamal Jones Public Seen by 6


October 4th PcM Meeting Agenda

10:00 – Hello’s 10:05 –

Festival Discussion Bien Vegano –

Ocober 10th VegFest –

November 6th -How many ppl do we need?

Do we need shifts?

-What are our sale goals?

-How will money be taken?


-Potential problems we could foresee?

Technology related?

10:35 – Sales Chat

-Focus list to knock out

oNuts n Berries


oNature We Belong Natural Food

oCandler Park Market

oGlenwood Health Boutique

oMother Nature’s Market

oPittsburg Pyramid Grocery

oOakhurst Market

oFloral Park Market

oHealth Unlimited

-Next moves: daycare & coffee shops

11:00 - End


Nijil Jamal Jones Mon 4 Oct 2021 2:59PM


  • Planning festivals this year

Munk's request:

  • clean still footage of festivals for commercial

Bien Vegano October 10th

  • Jamie & Ikenna can do the festivals

Veg Fest November 6th

  • selling CBD

  • lots of little bottles

  • vanilla or chocolate?

sales direction

  • coffee shops

  • selling CBD stores

    • having educational information

  • daycares & home school groups

  • hands-on sales

    • face-to-face


Michele Tue 5 Oct 2021 2:56AM

I saw on a previous thread Pyramid grocery.

I've lived on this street for 10 years and it's not a lot of foot traffic there however there is a barber shop directly across. I would reach out to The Barbers with small size sample so they can walk across the street and get when they are thirsty.


Michele Tue 5 Oct 2021 3:16AM

In reference to not running out of products for the veggie Fest here's my suggestion. 1.Have a person ready at the shared kitchen prepared when stock is low to the deliver

  1. Have a car close by filled with large amount sitting in ice as backup. Those big toy tubs are excellent because they hold a lot and you can fill them up with ice and product. This is why it's important to know the parking prior to event. Walmart has the big coolers on wheels with the spout on the bottom to let out water for about a hundred bucks

  2. Be prepared at any moment to leave and get more ice while the other person watches product at the stand

4. Have a large amount a product made the day before the event. There is no waste because whatever is left over can be a 2 to three hour demo at the stores that are already carrying product the next day. With the permission of the owner of course. Barber shops and hair salons would be grateful try free product at the end of the day because they've worked and are thirsty many of them are still stuck to the chair.

Possibly give them an incentive such as a small cup sample as they walk in the store, asking them to buy from the store and show receipt when they leave and get a free small size .

I did this for Richard ( Shea butter )in Walmart when he first got started and now he's everywhere.

  1. Buy small sample cups in large quantities. Let the customers see the person who is pouring wash their hands. There is lots of ways to carry water and liquid soap.... ...paper towels and a small wastebasket they will appreciate it especially now during covid.

  2. The reason I know this is doable is because my son Ayinde made over $1,000 selling water in one weekend at DragonCon when he was only in the 9th grade. He was on the corner where the hotels are and I was the person that kept riding around refilling his ice.

  3. What was left over on the third day I dispersed amongst the men's Recovery Center downtown. Several churches and other places would be glad to let you give free samples. Everyone likes free stuff!

  4. The key is to be PREPARED. We can do THIS!


Michele Tue 5 Oct 2021 4:23AM

If the Department of Human Services is not Cooperative in providing a detailed list of child care providers call the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs. They answer the phone and follow up immediately.

A few years ago a lady came from out of town with a special needs child and did not get cooperation from them. She left the baby in the car while working and continuously checked on her.but the baby died from heat exhaustion and someone from department of human Services was charged for neglect of duty. Just FYI

Once I had to go back to work I found the best provider on Earth for my child through this agency which is also a part of DHS and it's free. My concern was how many children were in her care because I knew that my son needed a smaller setting, individualized attention as I had been giving him as well as intellectual simulation.

He had asthma so I needed to know that person was not watching TV all day but paying attention to his needs

She had a computer room for the babies and a garden in the back yard for the children to adopt and water plants.

Although no one has children we are not asking them to do anything except their job. With one click of the mouse they can give you a detailed list.


Michele Tue 5 Oct 2021 4:56AM

The reason you want to Target smaller facilities is because they have more autonomy as diet restrictions are concerned. For instance there may be a child with peanut allergies or a vegetarian. Larger facilities could care less.... they also have places where they buy bulk wholesale stuff like chicken nuggets and other garbage.

Most black and Latino children have lactose intolerance issues and the daycare provider knows that if they offer them milk that is non dairy they will satisfy parents who are concerned as to how their children are being fed


Michele Tue 5 Oct 2021 4:57AM

Think of it as your bank. Large Banks like Wells Fargo Bank of America excetera care less about you but a credit union works just for you