Sun 26 Mar 2017 8:17AM

Purchasing 148 Tilley Rd

MG Mark Galbraith Public Seen by 335

@kerrenhedlund @grantnicholls and others interested I would like to have a meeting 7.30 this Thursday 30th at 22 Te Miti St. Proposed agenda will be; update on work to date, draft email on progress to people who have expressed interest in contributing, work plan and setting some deadlines. Let me know if you can make this. Lets aim for say 60-90 minute meeting. Cheers Mark G


Grant Nicholls Mon 27 Mar 2017 3:20AM

I will be there


Kerren Hedlund Mon 10 Apr 2017 5:25AM

Hi Gentlemen,
@markgalbraith @grantnicholls We had another meeting with Mark and Tee, the latter who was discussing with us some fundraising options, last Friday (7th). We started to draft the workplan. Perhaps we can keep all Tilley Rd workstream under this heading (@markgalbraith can you change heading so its not only about the meeting). Not sure how to include my old 148 thread under this one (@markamery do you know how we can rationalise old threads with new threads so there are not so many threads for one subject?) . Can you check this workplan and improve? Adding as googledoc click here or for those who dont like working on google docs see attached.


Kerren Hedlund Mon 10 Apr 2017 6:02AM

@paulhughes2 @lindamclaughlan @markamery @tinapope I want to start a master list of those that expressed interest in 'investing' in community housing. Can you send a confidential list to my gmail ([email protected])? @markgalbraith will also be drafting a softly probing email for our larger mailing list/blog to solicit more names and addresses, as we start to get the offer ready and ready ourselves for a series of face to face/huis. Thanks!


Mark Amery Tue 11 Apr 2017 3:28AM

Yes @kerrenhedlund I will send you the full survey results and you will be able to see the lines where people said they could contribute - and then you need to look to those who gave emails/names in the far column.
Then: @lindamclaughlan has done a super job in filing emails so you can see emails offering support in different folders. I will email you password.


Linda McLaughlan Tue 11 Apr 2017 9:28AM

@markamery thanks for replying - Yes, @kerrenhedlund, if you look at the folders list, anyone who has made offers via email have been tagged here - probably best you go through and list them yourself.