Thu 22 Mar 2018 5:13PM

Dominic Grieve can speak in Bath on Thursday 20th September

MT Maggie Turner Public Seen by 318

I have been in contact with Dominic Grieve's office and have just received an email with a potential date for him to speak to us on Thursday 20th September during recess. Up until that time, he is very busy indeed and his diary is full. I reckon we should go with that date and put it in the diary. I am going to speak to his Office tomorrow. Is everyone happy with the 20th?


Jane Riekemann Wed 28 Mar 2018 7:19AM

I would imagine they’d be okay with him as he’s so high profile. But think , if we start soon, we could sell c. 300 tickets. Local Tories will want to come and I’ll certainly pitch it to them.


Ruth Malloy Wed 28 Mar 2018 10:00AM

Yes, we really could do with some more Conservatives on board!


Maggie Turner Wed 28 Mar 2018 12:39PM

Trying out venues at the moment - still waiting for replies....