Engagement sub-group meeting 9th May 2022

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Deleted account Wed 29 Jun 2022 9:50AM

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Elizabeth Lowe Tue 24 May 2022 2:59PM

Update on MoU with My Place.

Susie and I are hoping to meet Zimmie on Friday to finalise the MoU. Below are the key points of his latest emails. We hope to arrange another meeting when we can exchange updates on FPSG and MP developments and agree process for working together. Possibly we can link some or our engagement work with the young people's availability in August and Sept-Dec. Note also PhD students involvement.

19th May

Hi Susie and Elizabeth,

I hope you are well and the Forum's work is progressing positively. Firstly, I would like to apologise for not being in contact much recently and missing the previous Forum meeting - things have been super busy on our end getting our website and youth recruitment drive up and running and we got mixed up with the Forum meeting dates/who was attending from our team.We are keen to set up a meeting soon to finalise the MOU, and get into more detail about how the My Place and the Forum can work together once we have recruited our young participants. Do you have any availability to meet before the end of the month? We are happy to meet in an evening if that is easier - Kerri can attend if given enough notice. We have been busy refining our programme and have some exciting updates to share - we would love to get your input on how these align with your schedule and how the Neighbourhood Forum and My Place participants can best work together

  • Our youth recruitment has just gone live - applications are open until the end of June

  • We will then conduct interviews and get the necessary paperwork in place during July, ready for the young people to start on 1st August

  • We are recruiting 12 young people and would really like the Forum to be meet our young recruits and be involved during their first two weeks of training (w.c. 1 and 8th August)

  • The young people will work full time for four weeks during August and then 3 hours a week from September - December

  • We have built a partnership with University of Westminster for two of their PhD students to mentor My Place participants and help them gather high quality data

  • We are also exploring the possibility of working with a local film maker to support the young people to use film as a tool for conducting their research and/or documenting their journey 

If you have any questions about our plans for the summer our timeframe for delivering the project, or anything else you would like us to clarify, please contact me.

All best wishes,

​Zimmie Sutcliffe

28th April

Thank you for sending the MoU across, we've read through it and it all looks good from our side. I've filled in our contact details, but I need to check who's address we will be using - My Place, Footwork or London Development Trust. We can clarify this when we sign off the MoU.


Adam Hardy Fri 20 May 2022 7:37PM

Dear Hugh,

knowing that our elected representatives are reading this (sorry if this seems a bit impolite), and knowing that we should be politically neutral, maybe we should say we look forward to working with them rather than congratulating them?

Why not say something along the lines of:

In the local elections earlier this month, Cllrs Eldridge Culverwell (Haringey – Stroud Green), Clare Potter (Hackney – Brownswood), and Asima ShaIkh (Islington – Finsbury Park) were returned to their seats, which means they automatically continue in their roles on the Neighbourhood Forum where they represent their respective councils. We look forward to continuing our work with them.


Deleted account Fri 20 May 2022 4:33PM

I have had no comments on email. Please could Islington and Haringey folk check.


Deleted account Tue 17 May 2022 3:13PM

There was an action on me to draft an email congratulating our elected official SG members and the other Cllrs in our patch. I have been slow but it is attached. Comments please! I hope that I have all the wards that overlap into our neighbourhood area. Please check - I didn't have time to check the frilly bits and worry that there might be a smidgeon of other wards intruding as there was quite a lot of change in Islington.


Elizabeth Lowe Sun 8 May 2022 8:26PM

I attach the agenda for tomorrow's meeting.


Adam Hardy Sat 7 May 2022 2:42PM

Hi Elizabeth

I suggest if you are printing out the questionnaire or even better, leaving a flyer with the blurb we created and the link to the website, you can add the QR code so that people with smartphones can just scan it:



Elizabeth Lowe Fri 6 May 2022 4:21PM

I believe we are meeting at FP Trust offices along 7 Sisters Road. Susie, please confirm that we are booked for 7pm.

Helen Dowling (Islington's customer services manager) has confirmed that we can use Blackstock Road Library to promote FPSG questionnaire. I will be meeting the manager Nick on Monday - speaking to him today he sounded very keen and suggested that if the weather is good we set up just outside the library to catch 'passing trade'.

Adam, I agree with you that it would be easier if contributors completed the questionnaire directly on line. However I have been asked by someone I know has a smart phone if not a laptop if I could give him a hard copy to complete as he preferred to do it that way.


Deleted account Fri 6 May 2022 11:24AM

Here are DRAFT minutes from April meeting: sorry for delay!


Linda Royles Thu 5 May 2022 4:01PM

I have promised (threatened to) join the engagement sub group. I am sorry to ask, but are you mtg in person at the same venue we held the AGM?

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