Fri 26 May 2017 9:56AM

We need a green light to approve InaSAFE 4.1

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InaSAFE 4.1 is now ready for release. This release introduces:

  • Reporting : Improved action and checklist reporting
  • Reporting : Quick save as pdf
  • Reporting : Detailed demographic breakdowns
  • Reporting : Inclusion of concept definitions under tables
  • Reporting : New provenance report
  • Impact Functions : Standardised Tropical Cyclone wind speed averaging time periods
  • Impact Functions : Improvements to earthquake options panel
  • Impact Functions : Options for demographic breakdowns
  • Impact Functions : Fatalities calculations in earthquake on vector population
  • Tools : Help system improvements
  • Documentation : Developer guide for adding a new hazard
  • Issues : Bug fixes and improvements

Note that the Infographic support in 4.0 has been temporarily disabled pending resolution of layout issues with the generated reports.

Release overview

Detail | Status


Name | InaSAFE

Release type (Major, Minor, Point) | Minor

Release number | 4.1.0

Repository location | https://github.com/inasafe/inasafe

Unique source control system identifier | 21fa0348dabac06d42e9ca7582dff32c49cc4b7c

Release licence | GNU Public Licence Version 3

License URL | http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html 

Date | 29 May 2017

Change log | A detailed change log is available here: http://changelog.qgis.org/en/inasafe/version/4.1.0/


Detail | Status


Basic requirements | A regression test suite that ensures the software does what it intends to do without errors. This MUST be greater than 66% and should ideally be greater than 80%.

Does the regression test suite pass? | YES

Verified regression test coverage (%) | 80%

Test environment | Testing was carried out on Travis continuous integration server

Code quality

Detail | Status


Does the code meet the PEP8 coding standard
(http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008)? | YES

Do the included test examples run as expected? | YES

Is the user interface consistent in the supported languages? | YES
(There are some outstanding French translations that will be applied in a bug fix release)

Data restrictions

Detail | Status


Can all test and demonstration data sets included in the release be distributed? | YES

Peer review

Detail | Status


Name | Tim Sutton

Position | InaSAFE developer team lead

Date | 29 May 2017


Poll Created Sun 28 May 2017 5:29PM

Please vote to approve the release of InaSAFE 4.1 Closed Mon 5 Jun 2017 5:09AM

Please see the topic notes for release details. Detailed changelog can be viewed at:



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Charlotte Morgan
Sun 4 Jun 2017 7:32AM

Great to see new functionality supporting rich data, rich reporting and more detailed population exposure analyses.


Vivien Deparday Mon 5 Jun 2017 5:08PM

Looks good !


Tim Sutton Wed 7 Jun 2017 8:32AM

Looks good to me too!