Working Group on Outreach & Communications

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Welcome to the Working Group on Outreach & Communications.

This group provides support to the overall initiative in outreach and communications activities including: ideas on naming and branding, setting up and managing the website and other activities to develop the communications plan.

There will be a series of opportunities to engage in planning outreach and communications activities for the initiative, we are currently finalising the creative direction of the initiative and would welcome your feed-back.

This Working Group is facilitated by the following people:

  • Ibrahim Ceesay, Ibrahim is a social justice campaigner, climate activist and independent film‐maker from Gambia. He holds leadership positions with several youth led regional and international organizations and currently serves as Head of Secretariat and Co‐coordinator of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC).

  • Tom Baker, Tom is Head of Campaigns and Engagement at Bond, the United Kingdom's platform for overseas NGOs. He works to develop and implement campaign strategies and is active with other national in the International Federation of Platforms (IFP).

On 25 January, the working group held its first meeting to discuss the platform's branding, web development and broader communication strategy. To read the notes from the meeting click here.


ikopi moleko gabriel marcel Wed 2 Sep 2015 8:55AM

Mrs Hanna Hansson, This is Mr. IKOPI Moleko Gabriel Marcel, I am the head of an NGO (Development) based in the Democratic Republic of Congo and member joining the United Nations Global Compact, I would also like our structure involved in discussions on this global campaign by civil society on the implementation of the SDO.


Adebayo Waidi Gbenro Wed 2 Sep 2015 9:22AM

@hannakhansson I would like to be a member of the Outreach & Communication working group and looking forward to bringing my experience in this sphere to use in the working group.


Coordinator Wed 2 Sep 2015 9:26AM

@adebayowaidigbenro great! Could you please send me your email address? Thanks!


Adebayo Waidi Gbenro Wed 2 Sep 2015 9:44AM

@hannakhansson my email: [email protected]


Maduafor Ngozi Joy Wed 2 Sep 2015 9:54AM

@ Hannakhansson i will like to be a member of the Outreach and Communication working group. Thank you


Coordinator Wed 2 Sep 2015 9:56AM

@maduaforngozijoy great! Could you please send me your email address? Thanks


Petru Botnaru Wed 2 Sep 2015 10:29AM

…In 2003, an exceptional situation has been declared in the Vorniceni village, Republic of Moldova, because at the “Ion Inculet” lyceum was identified 75 cases of Hepatitis A.
This situation motivated the first step was of solving the problem: creating The Moldovan Network of Rural Volunteering Centers for Water (MNRVCW).
The MNRVCW will make an important contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, to all of which water plays a crucial role.
The MNRVCW Mission aims at expanding its activities including other villages, countries on local, regional, national, European and International level.
Therefore, NGO "TERRA-1530" is asking you to spread the word that we are looking for partners in our efforts to expand our activities, including, for example, volunteer’s exchange.
Petru Botnaru, freelance journalist, Moldova
Secretariat MNRVCW


Maduafor Ngozi Joy Wed 2 Sep 2015 10:32AM

@Hannakhansson my email address is [email protected]


Ashok Bharti Wed 2 Sep 2015 11:37AM

Dear Hanna,
Thanks you for the mail. It is really encouraging to note that a Working Group on Outreach and Communication has been formed to take the concrete steps.
We had a discussion here in NACDAOR and decided that Ms. Vasudha Ratawal who is looking after outreach an communication, would be useful for this working group.
I am marking a copy of this email to her enabling to connect with you and the working group.
NACDAOR is happy to be part of this working group.
Ashok Bharti


Elvis Agbayizato Wed 2 Sep 2015 11:45AM

Dear Hanna!
Thanks you for the mail. Things are moving forward and it is really important at this stage, to form a Working Group on Outreach and Communication. I would like to bring my contribution to this group.
Elvis Agbayizato
[email protected].

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