Working Group on Outreach & Communications

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Welcome to the Working Group on Outreach & Communications.

This group provides support to the overall initiative in outreach and communications activities including: ideas on naming and branding, setting up and managing the website and other activities to develop the communications plan.

There will be a series of opportunities to engage in planning outreach and communications activities for the initiative, we are currently finalising the creative direction of the initiative and would welcome your feed-back.

This Working Group is facilitated by the following people:

  • Ibrahim Ceesay, Ibrahim is a social justice campaigner, climate activist and independent film‐maker from Gambia. He holds leadership positions with several youth led regional and international organizations and currently serves as Head of Secretariat and Co‐coordinator of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC).

  • Tom Baker, Tom is Head of Campaigns and Engagement at Bond, the United Kingdom's platform for overseas NGOs. He works to develop and implement campaign strategies and is active with other national in the International Federation of Platforms (IFP).

On 25 January, the working group held its first meeting to discuss the platform's branding, web development and broader communication strategy. To read the notes from the meeting click here.


Ibrahima Yves Ghislain TCHOUANTE Wed 2 Sep 2015 12:02PM

Bonjour Hannaje manifeste mon intérêt

Yves Ghislain

2015-09-02 8:49 GMT+00:00 Hanna Hansson (Loomio) :

Hanna Hansson a commencé une discussion dans Global Civil Society Movement on the SDGs after 2015 :

Working Group on Outreach & Communication ( https://www.loomio.org/d/5FG2rOI8/working-group-on-outreach-communication?utm_campaign=thread_mailer&utm_medium=email&utm_source=new_discussion )

Hey everyone,

As some of you might know, we have a working group on Outreach & Communication. Some of you have showed interest in joining the group. Could you please let us know if you are interested in joining the group.

About the group:

The group works together on outreach and communication on this iniative..

This work includes: setting up and managing the website, ideas on naming and branding, arranging webinars and meetings, and other activities to reach out to colleagues around the world.

Répondez à ce courrier directement ou visualisez-le sur www.loomio.org ( https://www.loomio.org/d/5FG2rOI8/working-group-on-outreach-communication?utm_campaign=thread_mailer&utm_medium=email&utm_source=new_discussion ).

Activer les courriers électroniques pour cette discussion ( https://www.loomio.org/email_actions/follow_discussion/109670/PBzf8XiNswqPwJ7eb-kP ) pour recevoir les activités futures.

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Dean mwelwa Nsabashi Wed 2 Sep 2015 1:25PM

Dear Hanna Hansson,

Zambia Asthma Association is interested to join the group mas we we have shown the commitment.

Please we remain committed to the SDGs and work together.



Cleo Fatoorehchi Wed 2 Sep 2015 2:03PM

Hi Hanna,

I am also very interested in taking part in the Outreach & Communications group. I am the Communications Officer at Child to Child and we would like to be more involved in the post-2015 agenda especially as they recognise the need for better children's participation.
My email address is [email protected]



Ann Christine Mwaniki Wed 2 Sep 2015 2:38PM

Hi Hanna,
Am interested in joining the Outreach and Communications groups. I have a experience in the Communication field and would love to bring my experience.
Thank you
My email: [email protected]


mona saleh Wed 2 Sep 2015 7:32PM

Dear Hanna Hansson,
From amongst various topics and projects, I may be ready to help with issues on the topics of disability rights, tree planting and international map year celebration. This is thru a number of social fiction stories that I have written. I believe they may be fictional in some places but are never fictional in other parts of the world. I think communications workgroup may be interested to use this fiction as a starter and to convert it into reality in more and more parts of the world. If this fits to the plans of the communications group, I am asking to join :)
Thanks and best of luck,


Oluseyi Babatunde Oyebisi Wed 2 Sep 2015 9:20PM

Thanks Hanna, I am interested.



Kimbowa Richard Thu 3 Sep 2015 4:35AM

Interested in being part of this working group as well


Coordinator Fri 4 Sep 2015 9:39AM

Hey everyone! Thanks to those of you who are interested in joining the working group on outreach and communication. I have added those of you who have sent me my email address and sent you an invitation for the next meeting of the group. Those that have not sent me their email address, please do so.


mona saleh Fri 4 Sep 2015 2:03PM

Dear Hanna Hansson,
My email address is [email protected] :)
Thanks :)


David Kirshbaum Fri 4 Sep 2015 2:19PM

Dear Hanna;

I would like to join the Working Group on Outreach and Communications. My email is [email protected]

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