Thu 7 Nov 2019 2:00AM

Short intro to commoning

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Mike Hales and Dave Darby have drafted some introductory notes on commoning for LowImpact.org, where they will sit alongside other brief introductions to other environment-related practices. The published version will be just 1500 words, here is the long version. Please do comment - this isn't meant to compete with Bollier & Helfrich, P2PF wiki or the Commons Transition primer! Suggestions for addititional links are welcome - this is draft.

The notes are presented as a federated wiki. Fedwiki is a bit more complex than ordinary web pages, with potential to confuse, but it enables full-fledged hypertext writing and collating of work in progress, in an easy to write, easy to share package. The link above opens at the notes on fedwiki. To get to the welcome page, click the coloured square, top left. This form of writing may interest those who subscribed to the thread on representations of commons organisation? Do comment on fedwiki too, as a form for communicating around commons issues?


Josef Davies-Coates Thu 14 Nov 2019 10:09AM

I think you should use the definition used in Bollier's excellent book, see https://uniteddiversity.coop/create-commons/


mike_hales Thu 14 Nov 2019 10:13AM

@Josef Davies-Coates We agree. That definition is included here


Josef Davies-Coates Thu 14 Nov 2019 10:25AM

Yes, I saw that, I just don't think "pool, community, regulation" is anywhere like as clear as Bollier's various examples:

As David Bollier brilliantly explains in his must-read book Think Like a Commoner a “commons” is:

a resource + a community + a set of social protocols” p15

“commons =  resources + community + the rules and norms for managing them” p141

“a commons arises whenever a given community decides it wishes to manage a resource in a collective manner, with special regard to equitable access, use and sustainability.” p175


Josef Davies-Coates Thu 14 Nov 2019 10:26AM

i.e. "pool" is not as clear as "resources" and "rules" is better than "regulation" imho.


Josef Davies-Coates Thu 14 Nov 2019 10:09AM

Some other useful stuff can be found at 1.5 here https://pad.libreho.st/s/HJzWVPtgH#


Jeff Regino Fri 15 Nov 2019 2:22PM

Thanks a lot for sharing lots of links here


DaveDarby Thu 14 Nov 2019 5:15PM

So the plan for Lowimpact.org is to turn all the topics into wikis (but split into definition / benefits / what can I do? and limited to 1500 words, for beginners, but with links to go deeper). Then these conversations could happen in the back end. Specialists can duke it out. I wouldn't like to say whether rules or regulation is better, and there are 220 other topics.


mike_hales Wed 15 Jan 2020 1:00PM

FYI - there's currently a thread in <social.coop> where 'cultural commons' issues are under discussion, with regard to the scraping of data from the fediverse: Mastodon scraping incident.


Oli SB Fri 6 Mar 2020 9:30AM

David Bollier's latest book is an awesome intro to the commons - which it pitches as the movement behind which we should all be uniting...! This is just part of the subject we will be discussing at OPEN 2020 in London in June... and since we can no longer start new threads in this Loomio group I'm bombing this thread to remind you that early bird ticket for OPEN 2020 end next week on the 11th March - so grab yours now so we can all come together to co-create the new economy and more commons!


Danyl Strype Sat 4 Apr 2020 8:41AM

FYI as you've probably noticed, we can start new threads here again. I convinced the Loomio crew to continue gratis service to the early adopter groups who joined during the pay-what-you-can era, and helped grow the Loomio platform.