Wed 19 Aug 2020 9:35AM

Listing model areas of best pratice

HD Huw Diprose Public Seen by 31


I've started mapping my somewhat sparse area. I've been focusing on building footprints (taken a pause to get a few better GPS traces as i think bing imagery needs a better offset!).

I saw someone on twitter had pointed towards stroud green where someone had added not just buildings and addresses, but also gardens and fences. The map looks fantastic and seems to have loads of great information on it.

I was wondering if we have anywhere on the wiki or this forum where we might have collected areas that demonstrate exceptional mapping in the UK, or perhaps best pratices that we might want to follow.

I've seen some instances, for instance on the current cycle project I saw the Embankment section pointed to as a good one to minic for cyclepaths. Do we have a repository for other types of mapping, if not - would we consider some kind of hall of fame on the OSM wiki?


Jez Nicholson Thu 20 Aug 2020 11:02AM

This is indeed an excellent idea. There is nothing to stop us adding them to the wiki as UK Tagging Guidelines, after a discussion with the community obvs.


Huw Diprose Thu 20 Aug 2020 1:50PM

If folks here generally agreed, Then i'd be interested to crowdsource some areas that people think are especially well mapped, to discuss

Perhaps grouped around different themes?
- Roads
- Building footprints
- Footpaths

that sort of thing?


Jez Nicholson Thu 20 Aug 2020 4:16PM

I think this is probably a question for the Talk-GB list. Loomio is more for OSMUK business, although the two do overlap a lot. You will get more input on this idea there.