2023 October monthly Guild wide meeting

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Hi guild mates, 

Wonderful meeting last night and those who couldn't make it, we missed you. Please see below for the recap. 

October Monthly Guild wide meeting 

10/4 Wed 5:30pm EST 

Facilitator; Chris

Secretary; Jacquie & Dave 

Agenda Doc [Open the Doc

Time Sensitive Action items; Please take these actions NOW.  

  • Board Election/Reelection [Vote via Loomio] by Sunday  Oct 8th 11:59pm 

  • Next Monthly meeting in Nov is one of Mandatory meetings. If you're unable to join, please follow this loomio's protocol PPAC Meeting Proxy

  • Newsletter / Social Media Submissions by Friday Oct 6th 5pm EST 

    • email to : [email protected]

    • What to include; a photo, blurb (250 words or less), links, 

Things to be on look out 

  • Grid reorganizing day with Rob Reese Saturday Oct 7th 3-7pm 

  • Roof Repair needs to be scheduled 

  • All hands on deck events that are coming up 

There are things that we didn't get to go through during the meeting, please read through the agenda on your own time. 

Next meeting is Wednesday Nov 1st, 5:30pm EST, Next Agenda Prep meeting (Optional) is Monday October 30th

Thanks you everyone for being amazing and let's do this. :) 

Love and light