Mon 1 Oct 2018 8:33AM

Coaching fees

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There was some discussion around this in the last $ zoom. To add some context, the coaching fees show up in the Cossie space atm. When a Cossie inquirer comes on board, a coach is assigned. They induct the Inquirer and support them in their work for an agreed amount of time. As remuneration, the coach takes a % of the hourly rate for every hour of Cossie work that the inquirer claims from NDIS $ (Approx $25 per hour), People require varying degrees of support and for varying amounts of time. Some coaches charge the hourly rate regardless of the amount of support the person requires, others do not. What do people think of the current model? How else could it look?


Jason Emmins Thu 4 Oct 2018 10:23AM

I will also raise this at the Coach's Meeting being held next week.
From my perspective, I think an agreement needs to be reached between the new member and coach (i.e. hourly rate per hour worked or hourly rate per hour of coaching). To me, it makes sense to have an hourly rate per hour of coaching as this is what would happen if you engaged a private coach/mentor.


Deleted User Thu 4 Oct 2018 9:29PM

Maybe with a minumum hours requirement perhaps-there was some dicussion aroundwhat happens if people believe they do not require coaching (when they do). If it is decided that an hourly rate is the way to go, then also think it would be good to establish a rate for this service across the whole org. The $35 that has been used for other work is in fact a casual rate which equates to about $28/hr which in my opinion is too low.

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