Sat 24 Jan 2015 5:14PM

Membership in SAEB

S Seri Public Seen by 86

What are the terms of membership? Below is a sample proposal. Please comment below and I will incorporate the comments. When it seems we are reaching a steady state, I will put it up for decision.

Membership provides a consistent way for people to both state their belonging to our community, and provide financial support. I propose the following membership levels:

Currently SAEB has been has been operating in the red. This would allow us to have predictable income; the monthly collections would supplement it, rather than being the source of the majority of the income.

A person who wants to become a member would set up their financial contribution (no one turned away for lack of funds) and sign the membership book. We should figure out if we want a ceremony to go with the membership book signing. When we are ready to form a board, members will be allowed to vote for the board. We might want to limit voting to those who have been members for at least a month in order to prevent instant takeovers.


Craig Good Sun 1 Feb 2015 8:24PM

Are you talking about PayPal recurring micropayments? Are we set up for PayPal donations?