Sun 30 Aug 2015 11:21PM

OVNs list of expenses

TB Tiberius Brastaviceanu Public Seen by 222

Sensoricans are deliberating about what should be considered as an essential expense and what is the order of importance of expenses.

Let's create an ordered list of essential expenses.

* Physical infrastructure: lab rent, lab insurance, phone bills, Internet bills, office consumables...
* Virtual infrastructure: web hosting, domain names, subscriptions to services...
* Important roles: animator, lab responsible, network guide, outreach...


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Wed 16 Sep 2015 5:23AM

The context of the discussion is how we spend the sponsoring money, that would go to CAKE, for the network. Our minimal target is 250000$, that's our budget for getting where we want this year. At this point, there is no money to pay serious lawyers, serious accountants and not even the most important roles in CAKE or in SENSORICA. All the roles are volunteered by a handful of us.


Brastaviceanu Daniel Wed 16 Sep 2015 5:50AM

I don't like lawyers either but I guess we want to make sure nothing we do is illegal..
They're (s/he's) going to have fun with us, just the time they'll charge to understand and mindset... ugh! And then as the OVN evolves they'll have even more fun, it's not like a one-time job.
Anyway, I agree with this order of importance.


Fabio Balli Wed 16 Sep 2015 6:29PM

In regard to the priorities, as it concerns the network, I believe there is an equilibrium to find between having a global online network and meeting "in real life" to build on concrete projects.

In my experience, to see each other is a key to build projects. Being an incubator / fablab also requires an owned space. At the same time, I see the value of Sensorica as to connect people and initiatives (such as VAS or Breathing Games), which would not require an owned space.

An owned space may be needed to get legitimacy and financing, but it also creates a gap between the persons in presence and the one who are not. Thus, I will open another thread about building a process that enables us to ensure holoptism while avoiding an overload of information.

I would like to have the imputs of CAKE administrators in regard to why is a real space important. Then, I would suggest a rewriting of the priorities, such as

  1. Ensuring a functioning online platform (network). 1 or 2 ?. Ensuring real presence to meet and work together (lab).
  2. Ensuring minimal indemnity for the people who create income for the community (scaling up both network and lab).
  3. Ensuring the compliance of the activities (law, acounting, ...)

Last, I use the infrastructure without paying for it. Thus, I would suggest that the members who finance it make the final decisions while taking into account others' suggestions.


Brastaviceanu Daniel Wed 16 Sep 2015 8:30PM

@fabioballi Real space is important because we deal with Hardware and because working together makes it happen faster.. Software can be coded in the park but prototyping a gimbal can't.


Jim Anastassiou Thu 17 Sep 2015 5:49AM

I would put important roles 2nd on the list. My reasoning for this is from personal experience and the history of Sensorica. For example, this morning I got to the lab at 10am and was the only affiliate there. I had my day planned out: editing a video to surface some media from an event involving children at the lab and then working on the PV Project. The first hour was spent with a visitor to the lab who is bringing a new project aboard. Then I checked our twitter and had a conversation with someone else bringing aboard a project in two weeks. Then there was the phone that rang every 15 minutes.
I didn't start working on the items on my agenda 'till 1:30!
These are all tasks that are a pleasure for me and I have gotten accustomed to facilitating and orientating newcomers or visitors, a task mostly handled by Tibi in the past. This is a FULL TIME JOB! Running the lab is no joke and very time consuming. On top of it there are social media channels to properly maintain and grow, and lets not forget lab maintenance and cleaning.
And of course I don't mean pay salaries, just have keep funds aside to compensate for these daily activities as an incentive that maybe new affiliates can also fulfill, all rub through the vAS of course..
I can only begin to imagine Tibi's frustration of playing all these roles in the lab, paying rent from his pocket, being at the end of his rope financially and barely getting any support when he tried to "networkfund" last months rent.
I love all the work you have ALL done so far and I am ready to take this to the next level!