Mon 12 May 2014 5:56PM


M Matilda Public Seen by 4

In this area we’ll be discussing what policies you believe in for health and social care in the UK. You can propose any policy you see fit and people can discuss it here.


Marianne Farrar-Hockley Tue 13 May 2014 5:50PM

The elderly are an enormous intellectual and cultural resource. Let's use them better.

The vast majority of the welfare budget goes on the elderly, and although this is a demographic blip it's going to be a long long one. So we do have to think hard about it.

I'm sure the elderly would be happier if, instead of being parked in front of tellies, they were still involved in interacting with people. And they are going to get fitter (the retirement age will go up, of course, too) so perhaps we can encourage more elderly to volunteer to pass on their skills and mentor the young.