Thu 14 Oct 2021 2:51PM

Loveland Volunteer Induction Checklist Creation

JM Jessica May Public Seen by 13

Hi Loveland Steering folk,

It would be great to get your inputs on what should be included on a sat morning volunteer welcome checklist.
I spent last Saturday up on the land chatting to volunteers which was a good start. You can give me your ideas in this google form (very easy to use!), or in a direct email [email protected], or text me to arrange a call if you'd prefer a chat 07792 465 023.

A volunteer induction should include anything that helps a volunteer feel welcome, helps them understand their environment (physical and social), and helps them know what things need doing and how. People wise they should know who and how to ask/tell if they need help or have ideas, but also who they can contact/tell if something happens that makes them feel uncomfortable.

 Questions as input are welcome, but please keep your ideas solution focused where possible.

 Apologies, I was hoping to have a draft ready for this next steering group meeting but I'm juggling a lot at the moment, so it's going to take me a couple more weeks to pull everything together.

Let me know if you have an questions about the process.