Thu 21 Nov 2019 1:22AM

Culture Jedi is open for business in 2020!

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This will be where all meeting dates, topics and discussion will be posted!


Michaela Kennedy Sun 1 Dec 2019 9:33AM

Woo Hoo; Culture Jedi, I'm excited!


Lynn Lennon Wed 11 Dec 2019 7:13AM

Hi All, seems that the email explaining the Culture Jedi didn't send. Have IT looking at the problem will re-send ASAP!


Dee Brooks Thu 16 Jan 2020 9:13PM

The email message from @Lynn Lennon with all the links and attachments, including the roster, is below:

Hi All

The Culture Jedi is something that's been brewing for awhile and is now at the point of launching.

The concept behind the Jedi is a means for all members to be able to link in with the operations, philosophy, pillars of support, finances, basically anything really of Jeder.  A place to refresh ourselves around areas we may need more support in, education about, etc.  For new members it will be a fantastic way of learning all about Jeder after their initial Induction.

For this to work we are going to need everyone's assistance.  

Jedi's will be held every second Wednesday from 4.30pm to 6.00pm  A set Zoom number is below for you to load into your calendars.  Each week a different topic will be explored by the host.  The topic for the night will be advertised in Loomio, so be sure to log-in to check out what's on offer. The link to the Culture Jedi on Loomio is:   https://www.loomio.org/g/HnlyhvGs/jeder-institute-perma-culture-jedi

Please note that you will need to follow this link and request access to the Jedi before you will be able to view details.

Zoom Number:  663 951 837

Note:  in the event that your scheduled Zoom date falls on a public holiday it is your responsibility to re-schedule for the next working day and notify all members of the new Zoom number.

Each member of Jeder will be required to host a meeting.  DON'T PANIC - we don't expect you to be an expert in the area, just raise a topic about an area that you yourself may want to know more about and host a conversation - the rest of the Jederites will chime in to assist.  Or you can lead the Jedi around a topic that you feel needs to be raised.

A roster of who's hosting each Jedi is attached to this email.  It equates to us hosting 1 Jedi per year, that's 1.5hrs out of 8,760hrs.  In the event that you aren't available to host your nominated date, it is your responsibility to find someone to replace you or maybe do a swap?

The original proposal is also attached for your information.

In the event that you want more information, please speak with your Coach or another member who can fill you in on the finer details.


Lynn Lennon
Jeder Pty Ltd
Mobile: 0417 788 673
Email:  [email protected]
Web:    www.jeder.com.au 


Lynn Lennon Thu 20 Feb 2020 10:35PM

Last Culture Jedi notes are here:


Please see above 👆 the roster of who is Hosting meeting, along with the Proposal of the Culture Jedi where it outlines that Members are expected to attend at least one Jedi per month (they are held fortnightly (at this time)).

A poll will be conducted by Fran to ask Members if there is a better day/time or frequency than we currently have to allow more Members to come along.....please ensure that you respond!!

Brett will send out a calendar invite to you all so that you can plonk it into your own calendar to assist in remembering 😆

In addition, we are that each host advise via email, Loomio and Facebook what the topic of their Zoom is a few days prior.



Dee Brooks Sun 23 Feb 2020 11:27PM

Thanks for this, @Lynn Lennon - I don't think we need a new proposal; the original one was always an experiment - maybe we just need to decide the new days/times and send that out? We could keep it fortnightly and make one day and one night? Let's keep it flexible until we find what works!

Also, @Michelle Dunscombe sent the calendar invites to "all" - I'm not sure why that needs to be done again?

I'm looking forward to getting back and getting more traction on this - I feel like the last 4 calls have covered the same ground and it would be great to move forward with collective intention!


Lynn Lennon Mon 24 Feb 2020 6:29AM

@Dee Brooks sorry didn't explain that well. Not looking at re-doing the proposal and @Michelle Dunscombe I don't remember getting an invite, so not sure if this happened. I agree we seem to be going in circles, the sooner we get the Poll done the better to see what members are wanting. Fran are you able to prioritise this poll please? Ta


Dee Brooks Mon 24 Feb 2020 2:56PM

One heartening thing is, there have been calls happening!!! That is good! Haha!

@Michelle Dunscombe definitely sent the invites to the "all Jeder" email...


Lynn Lennon Tue 25 Feb 2020 6:25AM


Yvonne Tue 10 Mar 2020 4:51AM

Hi Lynn and co, Just FYI, Cecily has left Jeder so, of course, cannot do the 29th of April, 2020, and I cannot do mine on the 8th of May!!! (I'm in Byron Bay, before the Gathering) ..I will do Cecily's on the 28th April....if that's cool...


Lynn Lennon Tue 10 Mar 2020 4:54AM

@yvonne - thanks for letting me know. I'll update the roster and add a reserve in to do the 8th May.


Lisa Zulfiqar Fri 8 May 2020 4:30AM

Sydney COS meeting today and we raised if the Culture Jedi's could be recorded going forward, so that if people are unable to attend, would like to re-watch the have the opportunity??


Aleks Jovanovic Sat 9 May 2020 5:23AM

I often wonder That if we had subtitles during zoom meeting We wouldn't need to harvest?!


Michaela Kennedy Mon 11 May 2020 11:04PM

Happy to ask that at the next meeting.


Dee Brooks Wed 13 May 2020 12:37AM

Everyone should be attending once a month anyway? I'm not sure if the recording of a "culture" meeting would work as people might "hold back" from what they want to say... ?


Dee Brooks Wed 13 May 2020 12:37AM

Maybe we don't harvest at all and it's just a "culture catch up" to talk openly?


Aleks Jovanovic Thu 14 May 2020 8:50AM



Chontelle Wed 13 May 2020 5:22AM

all, sorry for the delay! 

Just a reminder that our Culture Jedi is on this afternoon at 4:30pm

The zoom link is below . 

Today’s topic is Self Organising. 

What our our Self Organising strengths and how could we improve on these ? 

Look forward to seeing you there ! 



Chontelle Wed 13 May 2020 5:24AM


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