Wed 17 Jan 2018 2:30PM

[meeting] 17/01/2018 21.00 UTC

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Last meeting thread:


Last meeting minutes:


Mumble Setup

Mix wrote this guide for mumble, which we'll be using in this call.
You need to ask him for the server name. I'll post it on keybase

First of all I feel its useful to have a Loomio thread for each meeting in the future. This means they're easily traceable and minutes can be found more easily. I've changed the title from the last meeting thread to include [meeting] at the beginning so they're easily searchable... I've also pinned this thread, and we should pin meeting threads for forseeable future to make it obvious. Unpin the last one when you're pinning the new one.

Second, I'm unable to make the meeting this evening sadly, but I will have written some thoughts and raised some issues moving forward which may contribute to discussion in my absence.

Kierans thoughts...



Hope the discussion goes well.


Dan Hassan Wed 17 Jan 2018 6:47PM

I have updated the time in the title of the thread to 21.00 UTC (which was what was agreed in last meeting minutes).