Fri 28 Feb 2020 3:32AM

Holo-REA 2020 strategic plan (ideation)

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In our call today I've been asked to put together some strategic outline of where I see Holo-REA moving this year. I must confess that's sort of a difficult ask for me- I have taken a "flow based" approach to life over the past ~5 years and have been working well in a receptive, mostly reactive paradigm. What that means though is that I'm not really in control of my life and I never know what's going to be happening next week, let alone next year 馃槀 Soooo with that in mind, let's give this a shot...


pospi Fri 27 Mar 2020 2:17AM

Going to close this thread for now. Lots of good info in here and things we might explore, but in light of global catastrophes all this planning is now moot!


Noah Thorp Wed 11 Mar 2020 9:05PM

CoMakery has a task system with the Kanban states Ready, Started, Approved, Paid. There's also an API. Let me know if someone wants to do an integration of reputation-data-modeals or REA. I can grant access to the private repo on GitHub.


pospi Mon 9 Mar 2020 6:06AM

Would love to, please send an invite!


Sid Sthalekar Mon 9 Mar 2020 5:09AM

Yeah. I'm chatting with Guillem tomorrow to build some form of co-ordination/collaboration. Join in if you'd like.


pospi Mon 9 Mar 2020 4:59AM

See also https://forum.holochain.org/t/4-maybe-nice-re-usable-zomes/2322 <3


Sid Sthalekar Mon 9 Mar 2020 1:45AM

Since this was posted we decided to build open-source libraries of reputation-data-modules. Co-ordination between these SC and HoloREA modules would be priority at this stage. I'll be speaking about it in our communication across channels.


pospi Mon 9 Mar 2020 1:36AM

These are jobs that we can do (now) with groups in our ecosystem that will help to evolve Holo-REA as an offering. Wanted to share here as I think it鈥檚 a better place than the Gitbook鈥 it鈥檚 probably already outdated! hah

DNA integration鈥 refers to a third-party, domain-specific Holochain application implementing its own backend logic which in some way interfaces with the REA data that Holo-REA Rust crates can provide.

API integration鈥 refers to a third-party application interfacing with one or more Holo-REA DNAs via the API bridge (ie. hc-web-client). The third-party app may be of any type (in-browser, client/server, any non-Holochain distributed system).

  • Sacred Capital

    • DNA integration: REA data import as reputation

  • CoMakery

    • Kanban board UI?

    • API integration: batches & tasks as REA proposals, intents & commitments

    • DNA integration: tokens as REA resources

  • InvestorEngine

  • DirectHarvest

    • Inventory management UI

    • DNA integration: produce as REA resources, exchanges as REA events

  • BeefLedger

    • DNA integration: ResourceSpecification case study

  • HoloFuel

    • DNA integration: accounting for tokens as REA resources

  • Noosa Power

    • DNA integration: KW/h trading

  • RedGrid

    • DNA integration: KW/h trading

  • Humm

    • DNA integration: tracking of article payments (via Stripe)

Any and all other suggestions welcomed!


Lynn Foster Fri 28 Feb 2020 12:32PM

General thoughts: I think the "go with the flow" method wasn't that bad so far, and that working code was the critical path. Next phase work with a small number of projects to get a full stack working, maybe not more than 2, depending on their requirements? And as soon as a dogfooding opportunity arises, definitely do that. I don't think we can work with very many use cases at one time yet, there will be a lot of wrinkles to iron out technically, and experimentation on what it means to be a framework. So the first group(s) need to be very willing to be our partners in development, and understand they are contributing to Holo-REA at the same time as we are contributing to their project. I don't see that we are quite ready to do a blitz for more user groups, although some more trained devs would of course be nice. (Assuming that one or two of the groups we are talking to want to move forward.)


Sid Sthalekar Fri 28 Feb 2020 7:38AM

Thanks. This is great. Also helps me calibrate Sacred Capital's strategy accordingly. I'll add feedback as it emerges.


Lynn Foster Mon 9 Mar 2020 7:09PM

@Emaline we've talked to Matslats off and on over the years about REA and his work, and a few months ago did a mapping between ValueFlows and Credit Commons, in the context of supporting the Mutual Aid Network. They integrate nicely - what we found was that a lot of his api could be changed to VF terminology, with some left-overs. I thought it might be best to create a separate extension vocabulary for the mutual credit specific elements, and use that + VF for the Credit Commons. Nothing was implemented though, at least yet.

>perhaps it begins simply with mutual credit wallets!

Makes sense as a core place to start - group agents, credit transfers between members (economic events), member accounts/wallets (economic resources). Then add offers/requests (proposals, intents), maybe commitments, or just connect the transfers to the offers/requests.

The mutual credit specific stuff included rate conversions between groups so members could trade across groups, credit limit policy in a group, that kind of thing.


Emaline Mon 9 Mar 2020 6:46PM

Great to hear you're in touch with Matt Slats - I'd be curious to hear how folks image REA interfacing with the Credit Commons (perhaps it begins simply with mutual credit wallets!).


Lynn Foster Fri 28 Feb 2020 12:45PM

>If Krishi Janani takes off, meeting their needs is probably where I'd like to dedicate most of my time at the moment.

Very much agree.


pospi Fri 28 Feb 2020 3:36AM

Probably one more worth mentioning: I'm not interested in working with groups with equity-based models that do not feature capped returns.


pospi Fri 28 Feb 2020 3:33AM

List of particular projects and engagements I am focused on:

  • Lending support to efforts of building mutual credit wallets / currencies seems likely. In touch with Matt Slats of the Open Credit Network; Guilleme Cordoba & @Lynn Foster's contacts also seem well-aligned contributors. I would like to spend some time with Grace getting her comfortable using the framework.

  • Numerous projects that I'd like to integrate REA into, if they're interested in doing it. I wouldn't mind adding a layer to HoloFuel, RedGrid, Humm and a few others. Could be a Melbourne hackathon thing, or could be an ongoing process where I meet up with groups and hack on stuff with them. Would appreciate assistance in locating these groups.

  • If Krishi Janani takes off, meeting their needs is probably where I'd like to dedicate most of my time at the moment.

  • Potentially doing a trip through NZ later in the year to connect with some Indigenous identity and regional economic development projects; but those may take longer to incubate.

  • The OpenFarming project may ramp up towards the end of the year, and it seems something worth dedicating time to. Philip Sheldrake has been in touch with @Noah Thorp and @Emaline and I believe has shared the pitch deck with them. They are eager to explore overlaps with JustOne and other CE-stewarded regenerative ag projects.

  • Probably some other collaborations I'm forgetting to mention, and emerging connections that may suddenly flourish into tangible work. I go where the effort is needed, and try to stay tethered to what is already in progress so that it may continue.

My personal decision matrix for where I should spend time looks like this:

  • Groups building real local resilience will get priority over those who aren't

  • Groups focused on non-monetary outcomes will get priority over those with a for-profit model

  • Regenerative agriculture and food systems stuff is my top area of interest

  • As a general rule, I'll work for groups building OSS stuff for free but will charge for contributing towards proprietary works


Lynn Foster Thu 5 Mar 2020 11:02PM

Milan last week was pretty shut down (the band my son is in had a show cancelled, they had shut schools and churches, etc.).


pospi Thu 5 Mar 2020 4:39AM

Actually I am flying in to Milan, then Berlin 馃槀 I'm just hoping that flights stay operational and that my presence being limited to one side of any potential quarantine membranes, making for a swift path through...


Sid Sthalekar Thu 5 Mar 2020 2:09AM

Ooh, glad you are skipping Italy. It does not look good there. I can imagine some of the larger hackathons will also see derailments. Stay safe!


pospi Wed 4 Mar 2020 11:58PM

Update: flying in to Berlin on the 18th to be at a Holochain meetup on the 20th, and staying around there for as-yet-undetermined amount of time, dependent on local interest in doing stuff. Likely to hop across to Prague after this to meet with Jakub Lanc & CZ community members before going to Barcelona.

Oh, and the Internet Freedom Festival is cancelled due to COVID-19 fun times, which gives me more time to make my way to Siran and meet up with Cameron.


pospi Fri 28 Feb 2020 3:33AM

Travel plans: Europe trip 17th March - 18th May. Hoping to take things at a relaxed pace and mostly do community building while I'm there. Coronavirus has made my travel plans uncertain, so there probably won't be final clarity on much of this until I get there.

  • Italy: was planning to visit Damanhur and connect with people there who are interested in creating localised economies between their federation of communities. Currently under quarantine, unsure if it'll be possible.

  • Berlin: failing Damanhur, I'm most likely to go to Berlin because the community there feels strong and female-dominant. Otherwise I may end up there as a second stop in early April. Have discussed the possibility of running some workshops on Holo-REA while I'm there (essentially like the deep dive, but with space to breathe), but it's just a possibility.

  • Barcelona: guaranteed to end up here 3rd week of April. They're doing an "advanced" hackathon on the 17th-19th which I'm planning to attend.

  • Valencia: 23rd/24th April is the Internet Freedom Festival. Hoping to make some worthwhile connections there as it seems a very anarchist-driven event.

  • Siran: after this, heading to Siran to meet up with Cameron to discuss REA's role in a Holochain-powered "bootstrapping economy".

  • (About a 2-week gap in here, if people can think of places I should go.)

  • Copenhagen: Joining a female-centered hackathon on May 15-17th.

  • Melbourne: fly back in May 19th for the hackathon there. Will probably involve reconnecting with some of the groups from the 2019 intensive to discuss technical particulars of integration.


pospi Sat 29 Feb 2020 10:00AM

yes! Next D&I sync let's chat (:


Carolyn Beer Fri 28 Feb 2020 2:50PM

Hey @pospi for sure! I regularly hear interest from folks about Holo-REA. My first idea is to do something like a mini-DevCamp, a series of online calls in which folks can get trained up and familiar with Holo-REA. It is great that you will be going to some hackathons in Europe and if there is interest, I would encourage you to do Holo-REA session/presentations at each of those. I bet Meetup communities would also loveeeee the opportunity to hold an event around a video call where you do a short presentation. Perhaps there are other ways? What do you think? Do you wanna call to do a brainstorm on this or...?


Sid Sthalekar Fri 28 Feb 2020 7:41AM

+1 for a core group of practitioners.


Sid Sthalekar Fri 28 Feb 2020 7:41AM

Mattermost has worked for us in the past. Might be worth considering. But in general, yes I do think choice of platform is a balance of pragmatism/idealism.


pospi Fri 28 Feb 2020 3:32AM

We have a product that is workable for developers now. So #1 focus feels like developer exposure, workshops & training. The project is understaffed technically and more interested parties would definitely help with that.

  • In the short term, I'd like to explore some processes for sparking online communities, probably with @Carolyn Beer & Bear. Not taking this on has been one of my bigger failings- setting up spaces to "catch" interested parties is definitely necessary. This is probably largely a "service exploration", there are things like eg. Telegram that are really terrible and morally bankrupt but that everybody seems to use. So there's a balance between pragmatism and ideology to be had.

  • Longer term, something that comes to mind is training up domain experts on REA accounting, and training "traditional" web developers in using the framework. We lack a core group of practitioners who can educate and spread this work in their own communities.