Tue 25 Jun 2019 2:05PM

Hack-along convergence signal!

JF Josh Fairhead Public Seen by 51

Introductory Context:
Hack-alongs are open and non-prescriptive hackathons that are intended become mobile in future. The basic intention is to build community tooling that resolves tensions (where we are -> where we want to be) as decided upon by the individuals participating (those closest to the problem) during sprints timed to moon phases. Think tools to enable regenerative moving cities (or choose your own guiding star/moon).

Initialisation phase:
Hack-along zero begins pretty much next week in July where a number of us will come together in Italy at Roberto's in order to experiment with co-creation patterns where we will try and incubate this movement. This is simply people in a (static) house filled to capacity working together on yet undetermined projects in order to leave space for creativity to emerge.

Later stages:
Hack-along zero needs to be followed by hack-along one. The logistics of which are currently undiscussed but it would be nice to start lining up ducks. There seems to be a Schelling point of opportunity forming around Berlin Blockchain week which is roughly 1 month after hack-along zero winds down. This seems like a reasonable amount of elapsed time as well as suitable place for hack-along one to start spinning up again. From here we can start to build a tighter cadence/momentum across various accommodating spaces that could later opt in to becoming "near stars" that provide directionality for more mobile hack spaces (container living?).

Here are some people doing things that I know about and am surfacing for now:
Kay - Organised a call with Lindsey at Web3 about running a node, call occuring later in the week (date: 1/2nd July)!
Jacek - ExCollege from Pillar who's at BBW and has interest in co-creating participatory events.
Euros - Runs Noman events and might want to contribute?
Myself - Volunteering at Web3!
Bryan - Hackalong OG living in Berlin!
Roberto - Hackalong OG Italy host!
Lorenzo - Akasha hub, may wish to align?
Marko - Mentoring during BBW, so like his involvement if available ;)

So, let's talk hack-along one logistics.


Marko Prljic Tue 25 Jun 2019 4:30PM

@joshafairhead Thanks for this. Yes, I'll be on Berlin for the week. Web3 whatever needed, I'm there. Mentoring on Dappcon, no further instructions received from organisers so need to wait on that.
Anyhow, I'll watch this space for report on hack-along zero and next steps.