Thu 27 Feb 2020 12:42PM

March community meeting Agenda.

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We're having a community meeting at the end of March (28th - see our newsletter soon for more info, or check FB).

An agenda is being put together and we'd love the input everyone. We'll have breakout groups to discuss different areas of interest, so if you'd like to start/host a conversation around a topic then pop it down here. :-)


Kay Holford Sun 1 Mar 2020 10:48PM

I'd like to discuss how we do the Theme Camp- "sponsored" Sit Down Next To Me benches. For those not already privy: I'm leading on getting every major theme camp (plus Freecamping, Centre Point and probably other crews) to take responsibility for their very own lil bench.

It can be simply some hay bales, or a pre-built garden bench, but pallet wood, upcycled wood and materials and power tools will be available to all camps during Build as well.

The aim is for people with mobility and access needs to have somewhere guaranteed to sit within each Camp. They can be decorated however each Camp feels free, and there will be a small central budget for this (from my art grant approval).

Each Camp needs to take responsibility during Build to make and decorate their "Sponsored" bench, ready for them to be checked over for stability, H&S pre-gate opening.

I'd like feedback from theme camp leads on this idea, and what will work best for planning for the Build at the community meeting, and also to start collecting materials at my place in North London (stuff from skips, scaffold planks, discarded bits of furniture etc).

I also need Comms @Charlotte Davis to get ths info out to all registered camps once we have all decided feasibility. Thanks! <3