Thu 13 Aug 2015 5:11AM


AR Andrew Reitemeyer Public Seen by 449

I have been thinking that what we do for the fundraising does not have to be carried over to the next stage. We should have more resources to spend on image, brand etc.What we do now does not have to be perfect. So we can create some designs and see what we prefer.


Andrew Reitemeyer Thu 13 Aug 2015 5:15AM

I have thrown together a rhomboid and a sun. Sunstone itself comes in a rhomboid shape. Also the way the shape changes perspective gives an idea how policies will be seen differently by various people.



Jelena Thu 13 Aug 2015 7:45AM

yes, we need at least domain and logo


Jelena Thu 13 Aug 2015 7:45AM

content can be fixed later, good inspiring CTA is enough to start with.
And logo :)


Andrew Reitemeyer Thu 13 Aug 2015 8:08AM

we have 3 domains piratethinktank .com .org and .net I think .org should be the primary one


Jelena Sun 16 Aug 2015 9:22AM


who would be in charge for killer logo? do we need to crowdsource it?


Rasmus Larsson Sun 16 Aug 2015 9:52AM

We could have done it.


But our killer logo designer is on extended sick leave at the moment so we can't.



Katharine Kroeber Sun 16 Aug 2015 1:21PM

Re Andrew's rhomboid and sun -- simple, clear, easy to print. We might want to change the colour of the sun -- different colours imply different things. Yellow is friendly and low-key, purple is creativity, etc.


pakki Mon 17 Aug 2015 1:01AM

I've made some scribbles, too.


Andrew Reitemeyer Mon 17 Aug 2015 8:44PM

I am working on the assumption that once the fund raising is over we can look at 'branding' again. Now we are running on empty financially but later we can have a marketing budget.
We now have a website, twitter and FB accounts


Katharine Kroeber Wed 19 Aug 2015 12:19PM

Very nice designs, Pakki -- personally I lean towards the first one (as it gets the rhomboid in) but yellow is somehow not doing it for me. I know, sun, yellow... but it's just making me think fast-food. Which I think is not what we're going for.

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