Sun 22 Apr 2018 9:03PM

Milestone Quality Guidelines #Dogfooding

GG Griff Green Public Seen by 209

Hey guys!

I want to propose we add some explicit guidelines for what it takes to make milestones.

I think it is especially important for the DApp team to have to experience the DApp in it's current state and making milestones is a great opportunity to check on the status of the DApp :-D #dogfooding!

I think it would be extremely valuable to add videos and pictures to make sure those features are at least working for you, and basically every time there is a new feature added we try to use it ourselves, that way we know if it works! ;-D

Also, I have a strong preference for quality, so making sure there are certain rules maintained:
1. Links should always be clickable.
2. Every milestone has a picture.
3. Consistency in capitalization.
4. Spellcheck.
5. When someone from outside the team reads the milestone, where the numbers come from make sense (no weird dates floating around, all the required info is included, etc).



Satya Mon 23 Apr 2018 7:33AM

It's an interesting challenge; how do you enforce rules in a decentralised system? The reviewer is essentially responsible for the quality, but there's no incentive for the reviewer to ensure quality (or even to review). And then the definition of quality is also subjective. Once we open up Giveth, it's going to be the wild west. Mediocracy is the world norm.

Now I understand we want to be the perfect showcase. But one could also reason that a wild variety of types of milestones, as well as the human error in executing and reviewing them, is the perfect showcase. I cannot imagine Jack (founder Twitter) saying, everyone needs to spellcheck and capitalise consistently and add a picture to their Tweet. The world just doesn't work like that (although history shows one can achieve that in a dictatorship).

I also think this will always be a cat-mouse game because people hate the overhead: task performers doing the minimum to get their milestone approved. Reviewers doing the minimum to review the milestones. Like trying to get through airport security by keeping liquids in your bag (try it out, you'll be surprised)

I can imagine a solution that involves staking, coupled with incentives for the reviewer. But that probably means it needs a dispute and/or reputation mechanism as well.

I'm actually convinced that by not doing accounting, but actually writing milestones with the intention to raise funding, will increase the quality significantly. Because then there is an incentive to deliver quality. Without quality, no funding.

So overall, I don't see the point. Once we got donation and build and use our system how we intended it to be, quality will improve automatically.

(Btw dApp team is actively filing milestones. We are adding pictures when filing expenses.)


Griff Green Wed 25 Apr 2018 6:12PM

Yes, Exactly!
The Donor is the one responsible for quality.... as in... if there is a milestone that looks like shit, no one will donate to it.
This is why we need to add quality control, because we don't have donors that can hold milestone proposers accountable.... no point in waiting. Let's make milestones with the mindset we will have!

But also, the other part is that the DApp Builders have an opportunity to spot check the DApp itself, and should have pride in the product.

If you had to add a video, and you saw what the videos look like in milestones now, you would probably go out of your way to fix it, so that it works right :-D