Sun 18 Jun 2017 9:49PM

How to post a thread in loomio ?

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I'd like to attempt to make a document about "How to post something in loomio" :

Loomio is the perfect place to make propositions and take decisions. So if you have an idea and you wanna make the collective intelligence work, or you wanna answer to someone, you can post things in here. To facilitate the contribution of everyone here are some rules :

For all kind of messages

1/ Keep it simple and stupid (KISS :kiss: )

Try to be as clear as possible, try to avoid "big words" (words that few people understand) and be concise while remaining understandable. If what you want to say is not very clear, try to be clearer ! Make sure that a kid of 10 years old can understand what you post.

2/ Be attractive

No one wants to read an unformatted text without any paragraphs. Try to make something :ki: beautiful :ki: of your text If you want, you can click on "formatting" below this post and learn how to format in markdown.

To post threads

1/ Keep it simple and stupid (KISS :kiss: ) :

In one or two sentences introduce your subject so anyone can understand what you will talk about. Write clearly the objectives of the discussion, and what you expect from the persons who will read you. After th-is/ese sentence-s of introduction, you may developping your words by remaining easy to understand and as concise as possible.

2/ Make a summarize when it goes too deep in the commentaries :book:

If there is too much commentaries, someone new or someone not often here won't read everything. You may always make a summarize about what it has been said so anyone can easily contribute to the conversation. Here are how you can make it :

  • Either the summarize is not so difficult to make and is kind of short then you can add it to the end of the first message of the thread starting the sentence like this : "Summarize : ".
  • Or it requires more than one person to make it then you can add it in the wiki giving the possibility for anyone to contribute to the summarize. You may place the article in here : wiki.commonstransition.org/wiki/Loomio/TheNameOfYourThread by replacing TheNameOfYourThread by the exact same of your loomio's thread.

3/ Try to make sure that the commentaries fulfill the objectives of the thread

Sometimes a discussion can go somewhere else, if it does, create another thread about the new subject, and refocus on the objectives in the first thread.

To post a new decision

Sometimes you juste need to take a decision. In fact there is a lot of ways to take one in loomio :

more to come