Tentative NatGat Schedule and Schedule Work for Tonight's Call (7/9)

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Hi Folks,

The spkrs-structure group has completed a draft schedule for consideration. Allstr33ts' deadline for the program is July 15, so we must get down tonight what we wish to include in the printed schedule. If you haven't seen my other email, I am proposing we have a 3 hour call tonight to have time deal with this properly, without overriding already existing agenda items. I am also requesting we jump stack to deal with this urgent business, and have created another category on the agenda for it.

All filled in slots are tentative and flexible and subject to feedback, latest confirmations. For folks working on large rallies, marches, etc., please let us know asap what chunks of time these will happen during. Much depends on knowing what time slots are available.

There are blocks shown as "Multiple sessions / Open space" - blocks of time when there will be little or no competition with larger scheduled events, in which folks can do teach-ins, skillshares, workshops, hold topical conversations, etc., as every year there are many more requests from folks to do these than there are scheduled time slots. Visualize a white board grid, with locations on the grounds along the top and time slots along the side. People can sign up for slots with their activity descriptions and announce what they will be doing and point to where they'll be.

The speakers group highly recommends, and requests, that we allot two good chunks (2-3 hours each) of time to these Open Space blocks - these are non-scheduled, sign up on the grid in the morning spaces, where Occupiers get to form what they want to discuss, share, teach, as has been the hallmark of the first NatGat and #s17, and encampments. We will describe this further during tonight's call.

I'd like to thank the speaker's group members for putting in over 20 hours this weekend on the phone to put this thing together. (Donna, Sally, Delphine, Cathy, Tricia, Cal)

Draft Schedule for Group Presentation Spreadsheet

TEMP CHECK alignment with opening, meals, GA/CA, Evening activity times
TEMP CHECK alignment with two good chunks of OPEN SPACE (Clarify difference between OPEN SPACE self organized and Open Space parallel programming)
Feedback on schedule; Discuss changes, new confirmations, other needs.
What goes to printers (what is final enough?)
What needs rework and come back next week for final

Here's a doc in list form for those having trouble with spreadsheets:


cres vellucci Wed 9 Jul 2014 8:43PM

not sure i can make this call after all. Sorry. But as you schedule things, remember that for events we want the media to cover, the earlier in the day the better. Most TV/radio/print deadlines are 1 or 2 in the afternoon for the 5 p.m. news. Not that you need to rearrange things for the news media, but we have had great news stories over the years with Occupy and related actions by respecting they have deadlines. FYI. Thanks. And good luck. :)