2023 August guild wide meeting

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Hi guild mates, 

It was great seeing you all yesterday and great work. Let's keep the momentum going. Here's some recap from yesterday's meeting. 

August Monthly Guildwide meeting 

Facilitator - Dave

Secretary - Carlos 

Agenda Doc [ LINK

Important Reminder: 

1) For any physical mailing, please include "c/o Prime Produce Guild Hall"  in addition to your name, your organization's name to avoid any returns. 

2) For space reset/tiding, please communicate with each other when things are uncertain. Using Slack is recommended so that more eyes can be on it. 

3) For fundraising initiatives, contact following guild mates for questions & support. Get that 100k!!! 

Slack: #fundraising for logistics, #volunteer_opportunities for seeking help. 

  • Halloween Fundraise - Jacquie 

  • Noodle Night - Jerone 

  • Fundraising Campaign - Carlos 

Important Date(s)

  • Newsletter, IG submission due 8/4 Friday at 5pm: 

  • Day of Care 8/10 & 8/12 

  • Cafe Power Upgrade 8/31, 9/1, 9/2 

  • Next Guild Wide Meeting 9/6 Wed 5:30pm EST

Thank you all. Please support each other and let's keep communicating 

Love and light