Wed 6 Dec 2017 4:35PM

Turning Open Street mapping project into a beautiful website and app?

LS Louise Scott Public Seen by 57

Has anyone in Co-Tech got experience of turning an OpenStreet mapping project into a really good looking website and an app? There is a project here in its basic Wiki-style format already being tested. could be looking for a partner - anyone done this?


Stephen Hawkes Wed 6 Dec 2017 7:18PM

Not native apps, but we've done a fair few web-based mapping apps...


Jonathan Tue 12 Dec 2017 7:54AM

This is interesting, I'd like to see where this goes because just yesterday I was playing with a database from http://private-eye.co.uk/registry - is this the one you mean Louise? it's massive, so I cut out the bits not relevant to my area (South Yorks & Derbyshire) but it's still a list. A map would be great.
I've got friends in a co-op which have done some work using OpenStreetMap data but they aren't CoTech members (yet - I'll have a word).