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This issue is double (or even threefold).

First of all, we have content on our website from third parties. Secondly we have our own content (texts, articles, own pictures...).

Currently I don't see a clear copyright notice for the third-party stuff, neither do I see a copyright notice for our own stuff. AFAIK not adding a copyright notice does not put it in public domain, instead the work should be considered copyrighted and All Rights Reserved. The latter goes against the very core of what we believe in and what made the Pirateparty in the first place. This also brings up a third point: under what licences do we accept third-party stuff on our website.

From this the following questions/proposals follow

  1. How do we handle copyright of third party content?
    An example is the flute-playing GNU-logo. This is released under the GPL and GFDL[1], however we do not attribute, we do not give license info, nor do I think we'd be easily able to give the source-code if someone would ask. AFAIK these are violations of the terms!
    One option I see is to have a separate page where we list the exceptions to the general copyright that we would use on the site. On that page we can also give proper attribution and other info/links where needed.

  2. What license do we release our own stuff under?
    The wiki has the notice for the WTFPL, which is a very permissive license. Personally I would rather go with a copyleft license like CC BY-SA 4.0 (note that ATM I am talking about the website here, not about changing the license on the wiki).

  3. What licenses do we accept for third party content on our website?
    I would say that we should always strive for Free Cultural Licenses[2], preferably copyleft. I think others like Non-commercial, non-derivative, "All Rights Reserved"... should be avoided. We must not violate copyright terms.
    Note that this also implies that people who make things for the website can also ask for attribution instead of attributing it to the Pirateparty.

So I propose
1. Create a separate page for the exceptions (unless anyone else has a better way)
2. License the content of our own site under CC BY-SA 4.0
3. Document some where that
1. We should always strive for Free Cultural Licenses[2], preferably copyleft.
2. Non -Free Cultural Licenses should be avoided. These include, but are not limited to Non-commercial, non-derivative, "All Rights Reserved".
3. We must not violate copyright terms.
4. People who create things for the Pirateparty website can ask for attribution instead of attributing it to the Pirateparty.

* Where the information from proposal 3 should be documented is still an open question.
* Proposal 3 is purely about the website for the moment, I would like to expand this to the whole PPBE, but that is out of scope for this proposal.

[1] https://www.gnu.org/graphics/meditate.en.html
[2] https://freedomdefined.org/Definition

EDIT: short description of the CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/


Josse Sun 28 Apr 2019 8:36AM

At least we could put a comment telling where these images come from (mostly wiki). Basically that is the most important thing to do.


Ilja Sun 28 Apr 2019 8:45AM

With "At least" I assume you're okey with the rest?

Any ideas where we can put comments like that? Or is a seperate page okey? I was thinking of putting something on the bottom of the site like "The content of this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License unless otherwise noted" and then link the unless otherwise noted to the seperate page. (And also add a CC banner like on https://creativecommons.org/choose/results-one?license_code=by-sa&jurisdiction=&version=4.0&lang=en )


Ilja Sun 28 Apr 2019 8:48AM

Ah wait :grinning: The bottom of the site I've linked did something like that as well :grinning: Okey, I'll just do it the same :grin:


Ilja Sun 28 Apr 2019 10:18AM

Draft for the footer: https://nl.pirateparty.be/?customize_changeset_uuid=1b7ddb0d-1311-46fe-a2f3-1520ce9bf30d

EDIT: Check at the botom of the page ofc. It's in the footer


Ilja Sun 28 Apr 2019 1:59PM

Not sure if something like this is possible for us to use? https://wordpress.org/plugins/image-credits-nofollow/

@hgo @josse Any of you know more about how plug-ins work and can help test this?


Ilja Sun 28 Apr 2019 5:05PM

There, it's ugly but it's something https://nl.pirateparty.be/licentie-toekenning/
The idea is to use this page when it's unpractical to attribute where the media is used.

This should suffice because

There is no one right way; just make sure your attribution is reasonable and suited to the medium you're working with. That being said, you still have to include attribution requirements somehow, even if it's just a link to an About page that has that info.


Ilja Sun 12 May 2019 3:20PM

Alrght, I didn't hear anyone complain and it's two weeks now so I published the footer on the Dutch page https://nl.pirateparty.be/

Still to do:
* Can anyone translate for the French site as well plz?
* I assume the English one also needs one, I'll check later.
* The pics in the article may need separate attribution. Needs to be checked.
* Does anyone know where the pic in the header (with the people sitting) comes from? @josse maybe?