Fri 4 Oct 2019 5:34PM

Residency Jam (Amelia & Robyn) Key Questions / Blockers

A Amelia Public Seen by 13

Requests: Amelia and Robyn spent time to flesh out the residency on-boarding checklist and process (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t5_Y--9OOg9-4tv9uedT_OsOOphfzgjVKKhtPQyO__c/edit#heading=h.1tlx8yefs1t7 ). Other member's feedback is invited by Friday 11 October.
For Discussion:In working on this process, we found it challenging that there is no clear up-to-date authority (tool, list, etc.) of all current Members and Residents readily available. As we understand, there is some ambiguity with certain people as to how they are engaging with Prime Produce and we wondered if using the introduction of Office R&D could be the right mechanism to clarify all human's engagement with PPAC. We understand the current engagement roles as: Member, Resident, Friend/Invitee. Anyone who is a former Member or Resident is therefore a Friend/Invitee.

Is Office R&D going to become that authority? Amelia and Robyn have an assumption that needs validating that Jerone and Michelle are going to be the owners of Office R&D for the foreseeable future after launch.

When is the launch of the new tool expected to happen? What are the blockers? And how can we support those in the critical path to launch?

Amelia would like permission to keep Robyn posted on this discussion, given that she is not a member, but has energy to help support this community on moving forward. P.S. She says hi.


Jerone Fri 8 Nov 2019 3:30PM

A huge huge thanks to Robyn and @amelia19 for putting this together.

Just updating this thread with OfficeRND updates! The new tool is launching this month, having cleared our bill run test with the ORND folks to take our instance live on November 1st (hopefully everyone already saw my email and the portal invite.) The Piggybank team is moving forward with the target of November 14th to have everyone in the system for invoicing, and January 1st to officially move room bookings to the new system. In the mix there we need to clean up our Terms and Agreements, migrate event invoicing to the new platform, and see what other facets of our programming we might want to house there. One item that came up at the last Guild Meeting was utilizing the native "check-in / check-out" system and/or guest check-in systems.

I can use support sorting out the specifics of Terms & Conditions (working on that now), building a welcome wizard in our ORND instance for new users that will show them around, and generally getting people on the tool to help administer and improve our usage.


michelle jackson Sat 9 Nov 2019 8:40PM

Thanks to Robyn and Amelia for laying this all out. It is appreciated! I'm fine with Robyn working on this process. It feels like it has been a productive collaboration. I can help @jerone with Office RnD this week w/o Nov 11. I am fine being an admin on the site with Jerone. I'm also recognizing that we need to do a bit of clean up in terms of who is on the group email lists, loomios, airtable etc.