Mon 14 May 2018 1:17PM

Becoming a member of the Weave

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Proposal for ‘induction’ into a Weave/the Pre-Virtual Home Weave at this point in time.


Dieudonné Mon 14 May 2018 1:33PM

Elkie sent us this proposal with this text :

Hi everyone,

I agreed to creating a draft proposal for people being 'inducted' into the Weave as we go along at this point in time when we are getting started. Here it is.

I have based it loosely on my memory of on-boarding. I have simplified and slimmed this process down considerably for this doc. I invite in particular, Eva and Bob to check this out, I really want to support access to the work and at the same time hold the sustainability of the Weave with care.

Please add and amend as you see fit. If you would enjoy this appearing in Loomio I would be grateful if one of you would add it there. I am slightly over-whelmed by tasks at the minute - and that particular task is out of my comfort zone. I am looking for ease and energy :-)

with warmest wishes,

Elkie xxxx

To help myself better understand such a text I usually translate it in French. And to help this translation, for example to help include other in the quality of the translation, I like going through this tool :
* https://nvc.miraheze.org/wiki/Proposal_for_becoming_a_member_of_the_Weave

Could you please do the changes in this wiki page, and the related discussions in the associated discussion tab rather than in the google doc ?

It then becomes easier to track the associated translations.