Mon 6 Jan 2020 8:45PM

AGM 2020 location and venue ideas

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Another year means another AGM. This itself is usually a short 30 minute affair to vote for new directors and other motions raised, with all members invited to attend and vote. Last year we were at Newspeak House in London and linked in with a wikidata meetup that followed.

Suggestions and ideas of venues please for May-July period.


Brian Prangle Mon 6 Jan 2020 8:56PM

Bristol - gives folk from Wales and the South West a chance to attend . Not too difficult for Midlanders and Londoners either. Sorry about everyone esle but wherever we pick someone will have a long journey!


Jez Nicholson Tue 7 Jan 2020 1:07PM

Bristol. Leeds. Aberdeen. The Isle of Man. Online? Selected randomly?! (we will turn this into a poll soon). Bonus points if someone has a group/venue to offer


Gregory Marler (former Director) Tue 7 Jan 2020 6:08PM

I have some nice venues in Newcastle & Durham that I should be able to get free of charge. There would be interested people in a set of talks related to OSM and there's plenty of tourism/mapping to do in the North East.

I'm unlikely to be available for the first half of July (SotM in South Africa)


Poll Created Sun 12 Jan 2020 4:30PM

How would you rate your interest in these locations for the next OSM UK meeting? Closed Sun 2 Feb 2020 8:01PM

by RobJN Sun 2 Feb 2020 9:26PM

Thanks to all those who voted. This year you have selected Leeds as the location of our next AGM. We've already been offered help for a venue (thanks Stuart) but what we now need is a plan for the day. The AGM usually only takes a few minutes (20 mins) so we require ideas for the rest of the afternoon. Keep 'em coming.

When voting please feel free to add options. Assuming the date and agenda is good for you, how do you feel about the location:

  • +2: Very interested - will definitely attend.

  • +1: Interested - will probably attend.

  • 0: Indifferent - May or may not attend (equal likelihood).

  • -1: Uninterested - will probably not attend

  • -2: Very uninterested - will definitely not attend.


Results Option Points Mean Voters
Leeds 14 0.9 16
Newcastle 6 0.4 16
Durham 6 0.4 16
Bristol 0 0.0 16
Online with audio/video -3 -0.2 16
Online - text only -8 -0.5 16
Aberdeen -11 -0.7 16
Isle of Man -13 -0.8 16
Belfast -14 -0.9 16
Undecided 0 0 56

16 of 72 people have participated (22%)


RobJN Sun 12 Jan 2020 4:39PM

2 - Bristol
2 - Leeds
2 - Isle of Man
2 - Belfast
2 - Aberdeen
1 - Online with audio/video
1 - Newcastle
1 - Durham
-1 - Online - text only

With enough advance warning and a good agenda, I'm generally happy to make a trip out of it. Keen to go somewhere I haven't been in a while. As for online options, I find chat only platforms harder going especially if trying to incorporate into an in person meeting.


Tony Shield Mon 13 Jan 2020 11:31AM

2 - Aberdeen
2 - Leeds
2 - Isle of Man
2 - Newcastle
2 - Durham
2 - Bristol
1 - Belfast
-1 - Online with audio/video
-2 - Online - text only

Wherever is chosen could an additional agenda be created to make a weekend of it, to have discussion groups about mapping and technology issues. Workshops & survey opportunities.?? An agreed hotel e.g.Travelodge?


SK53 Sun 12 Jan 2020 5:30PM

It may be worth contacting Simon Redding in Chesterfield. He is director of a social enterprise Monkey Park which has meeting space close to Chesterfield station. The East Midlands Group is extending it's range to include York & Leeds this year (in part because SomeoneElse is now Leeds based, but also because Sheffield links have grown) and we are planning a meeting in Leeds later in the year. For this reason I'd favour Leeds if possible.


Gregory Marler (former Director) Thu 16 Jan 2020 6:10PM

With regards to Leeds we should talk to Chippy & the open data organisation that is based there (I'm likely to get names mixed up if I say them right now).


Stuart Lowe Fri 17 Jan 2020 9:56AM

Hi. I work with data at the Open Data Institute Node in Leeds (ODI Leeds). We have an events space and I'm sure we would love to help. I'm not sure how big the AGM is expected to be but we often have events with 50-100 people. More info on the space at https://odileeds.org/services/events/


Robert Whittaker Tue 4 Feb 2020 11:45AM

Is there any chance you could narrow down the date a bit, even if it's just two or three likely options? I'd like to attend, and it would be useful to know some possible dates as soon as possible to try to keep free from other commitments.

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