Thu 16 Jun 2022 4:11AM

COVID Mandate by Jurisdiction review- Monday 20 June at 2pm.

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This action comes from the Risk Jedi.

The purpose of this Jedlet is to:

  • Review the advice received from the lawyer regarding COVID Mandate requirements- attached.

  • from an organisational perspective, identify what we need to consider/implement/identify options.

  • Feedback will be reported back to the Governance Jedi (scheduled for the 23rd June).

A teams meeting has been sent to All Jeder members for Monday 20th June at 2pm. If you are not able to attend the meeting, please make comments, raise questions or provide feedback on this thread.

It would be great to see you there.


Jason Emmins Thu 16 Jun 2022 4:12AM

From Mic- Unfortunately having the meeting on Monday does not give people much notice.  That is disappointing for those who would like to be a part of the conversation.


Jason Emmins Thu 16 Jun 2022 4:16AM

Hi @Michaela Kennedy- this was certainly raised in yesterday's discussion at the Risk Jedi. It is an important piece of work that needs to be actioned. Anyone can join the conversation either on Monday or through Loomio.


Jason Emmins Thu 16 Jun 2022 4:13AM

From Renee- I am away next week unfortunately. 


Jason Emmins Thu 16 Jun 2022 4:13AM

From Mic-

Please correct me if I’m wrong Jason but the only other opportunity Renee has to contribute is to read through the document and links and make a comment on Loomio. 

Sorry Renee, maybe we can record the meeting if that is helpful for people.


Jason Emmins Thu 16 Jun 2022 4:18AM

Hi @Renee Davies and @Michaela Kennedy- if you have an opportunity to review this and provide feedback/comments on this thread, it would certainly help out. Apologies for the short timeframe.


Michelle Dunscombe Thu 16 Jun 2022 5:05AM

Thanks Jason. I am unable to attend and wonder if the advice from the lawyer can be posted here for people to review and enable contribution for consideration at Monday's meeting


Jason Emmins Thu 16 Jun 2022 5:30AM

Thanks- there is a link in the thread- can you access the doc and make comments/questions?


Yvonne Thu 16 Jun 2022 5:28AM

I cant make next Mondays meeting, as I am with a participant for an NDIS review meeting....I think this is a somewhat grey area...whether mandates are law or not, in these times?? I understand that Mandates are implemented by government as emergency response to a crises(in this case, the spread of COVID) ...is there crises over yet (?) or has this been tested...are there precedence cases ..I am not saying , I don't agree or agree, with the mandates, what I AM saying is that, as we are not employers of support workers/care workers, where does our responsibility start and finish?


Jason Emmins Thu 16 Jun 2022 7:20AM

Thanks Yvonne, good question. In terms of the question about the "legality" of the mandates, if they are still applicable (i.e. is the pandemic over), and have they been tested etc this is not for this Jedlet. The Mandate Work around Jedlet are exploring these grey areas- do you have the information for that Jedlet?

In terms of this Jedlet, as an organisation we are required/mandated (what ever word you would like to use) to follow them- if we don't there is a risk to us as an organisation (of fines and other sanctions such as possible deregistration with the NDIS).

As the current mandates stand, there are implications for us as an organisation and to some of our members (as in, its not just for care workers or support workers- its much wider than that depending on what state you reside- for example in NSW it states "a person must not provide disability services unless the person is appropriately vaccinated"). We need to consider the information and implement strategies (just like we did last time).

Last time, we received advice from the lawyer, reviewed the information and developed the Win/Win Strategy and developed various resources to assist our members, participants and other workers within the sector. All of this is within the Risk Jedi Sharepoint folder.


Fiona Miller Thu 16 Jun 2022 1:06PM


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