Tue 7 Feb 2023 8:21AM

Apply for a grant in the ACT

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Hello Dollars Jedi!

I'm Nicole, a fairly new CoBu member based in ACT.

I'm interested in running a zine-making workshop here in Canberra and there is an Arts Activity funding grant coming up.


I've applied for small grants before but I'm not very good with the numbers side!

The deadline is 28 February, so fairly soon!

If the Dollars Jedi is able to put me in the right direction, I'd appreciate that!



Dee Brooks Wed 8 Feb 2023 1:53AM

Good stuff, Nicole! I'm happy to join you and Jason some time next week! There is a Grants Jedlet in this Jedi which has some good resources and checklists, too!


Deleted account Tue 7 Feb 2023 10:04PM

Thanks Jason. I will start drafting the application this week and I'll reach out to you early next week via email to set up a time to discuss.


Jason Emmins Tue 7 Feb 2023 10:17AM

Hi @Nicole Molyneux I would be happy to help with the numbers side of things. I know there is a very short deadline- did you want to catch up next week? Have you started the application? Reach out via email (this week is a little crazy busy).