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OPEN SPACE sessions at OPEN 2018

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This thread is about how to propose, and vote on, open space sessions for OPEN 2018.

We're hoping to arrange the open space sessions before the conference this year, to save time at the event.

To put forward a proposal for an Open Space session, or vote on other proposals, go to the Poll https://www.loomio.org/p/Z8RtgJrm/open-2018-what-do-you-want-to-discuss

To add your proposal:
Use the "ADD ANOTHER OPTION" button (below the list of existing proposals) to add your proposal. Please include your full name at the start of your proposal so we can contact you about running your session and provide full details about what your planned session will cover. NB: if you want to add a proposal, you MUST do so before you vote - you will not get the chance after you have voted.

To vote:
Drag the existing ideas into order, with your favourites at the top, and hit VOTE.

Any questions, please ask below:


Lucie Evers Fri 6 Jul 2018 3:41PM

I just put up a topic in the poll for open spaces, but was too quick to send it off. I wish I could edit or start again. How do I do that


Oli SB Fri 6 Jul 2018 3:47PM

Hi Lucie - I saw, it looked a bit short and did not have your name... email [email protected] with your ideal text (not too long) and I will edit your entry for you


Mary Fee Sun 8 Jul 2018 8:45AM

Hi Ollie, the last conference I went to, I proposed a session about Local Exchange Trading Schemes and it was just me and another bloke, while everyone else was gathered round something more popular, so I'm not (yet) proposing it in case I missed out on other interesting stuff. With the loom, it probably wouldn't be chosen, unless I managed to find a way to make it relevant. So do you think we could pose the question of whether a LETS is a co-op? What's worrying me about the Co-op movement is the gulf between older people who say they support Co-ops and the younger set who are talking about Co-op platforms. So could we ask how Co-op Platforms work technically and does this have anything to offer existing organisations?


Adam S. Margetts Esq. Sun 8 Jul 2018 10:25PM

May have something of interest! Proposal will be uploaded ASAP.


Oli SB Sun 8 Jul 2018 10:24AM

HI Mary, not quite sure I understand the question "whether a LETS is a co-op?" but there should be some good explanation of what co-op platforms are, at the start of the conference on day 1 - so any potential confusion about that should be cleared up.

The idea with the open space is that everyone proposes what they would like to discuss and then we see what is most popular, so it is worth putting forward any ideas and then hopefully the most important subjects for discussion will bubble to the top :)


Mary Fee Sun 8 Jul 2018 12:08PM

Hi Oli, thanks for replying. This refers to a lot of history within the LETS movement, the LETSystems seemed to followed a business model, LETSlink tried to be more cooperative but followed a voluntary sector model with members appointing a committee at an AGM. Timebanks seem to work more like professionals and clients. So that's what it's about whether a more formal co-op model would help. It's about transparency of who is in control, who makes decisions, etc. I don't know if that would make for a useful discussion and whether it applies to other platform coops.


Oli SB Sun 8 Jul 2018 3:51PM

HI Mary, I'm not sure ... the only way to find out if others are interested would be to propose it as an open space session and see if anyone votes for it! Best, Oli


philh Mon 9 Jul 2018 7:29AM

Gosh... I didn't get this voting system :/
I added an option but couldn't see it in the list, so I hit Vote, expecting I would then access a refreshed list for voting... and it just took the default order as my choice. Now it's too late. @olisb Any chance it might be reset so that I can vote properly? Thanks!


Graham Mon 9 Jul 2018 7:59AM

I'm pretty sure that if you go back in you'll see an option to change your vote. I voted some days ago, and since then several new options have been created, and I plan to change my vote in light of that.


philh Mon 9 Jul 2018 8:20AM

Thanks @graham2! I looked around again but I can't find how to do that. It seems that voting can be done only once. Oli specifically wrote that one cannot add a new option after voting, maybe it's also impossible to re-vote :/ ... or maybe I just can't see the obvious this morning!

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