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Mandate WorkAround Jedelt

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Fresh Start for this Jedlet.

Purpose Statement draft:

Looking for remedy and solutions together in facilitating choice and control by exploring the grey areas within the mandates whilst protecting the best interests of Jeder Institute. To create a safe environment to explore options.


Michaela Kennedy Tue 26 Jul 2022 11:15PM

Sorry I missed organising this weeks meeting, dropped the ball. Below is the link for next week. Hope it works for those interested in attending.

Next weeks flow:

Discussions around members (who are not fully vaccinated) being able to make a social visit to a friend who also happens to be a participant / nominee. No work being conducted purely a social visit.

Outcomes from the above topic being discussed at the Ethical considerations Jedlet and feedback from an off the record conversation with a ex-Commission (high level) employee.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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Michaela Kennedy Sun 26 Jun 2022 4:08AM

Next meeting is on Wednesday 13.07.2022 at 9am


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Jason Emmins Mon 20 Jun 2022 11:09PM

Thanks Julie, Some good information here. As you mention this is for visitors- its very different for paid staff.


Julie Anne Carrington Sun 19 Jun 2022 8:50PM

To assist families, we have attached a visiting protocol flowchart for reference. This will explain visiting arrangements whether your vaccinated, unvaccinated, or visiting a loved one.

Please remember to adhere to the below:

  • All visits on site or off site MUST be booked in at reception.

  • Visiting hours are from 8:30am to 4:30pm 7 days. This is based on 2 people per visit for a

    maximum of 4 hours

  • TGA approved Rapid Antigen Test is to be completed daily on site before visiting your loved


  • NoosaCare is providing 1 free RAT kit for one visitor per resident per day i.e., there are a

    maximum of 2 visitors per resident per day, the second visitor is to bring their own TGA

    approved RAT test kit.

  • Face masks remain mandatory for the duration of your visit at any Aged Care facility.

  • Wash hands before entering and leaving the facility

  • Stay 1.5 metres away from others where possible

  • Stay away when unwell

  • Follow requests from the NoosaCare staff to help keep staff and residents safe

I realise that this directive is for visitors and not employee's however my point is - the organisation since this began, have been working within grey areas of the mandate to assist families to visit their loved ones. I know there is a clear point of difference between visitors and employee’s.

My is point how can we be creative working within the guidelines. (Marty's grey areas)  


Jason Emmins Mon 20 Jun 2022 11:09PM

Thanks @Julie Anne Carrington - I think we need to explore any further legal advice Jeder receives regarding the mandates. This should be through a Poll (I am sure we can discuss further in the Jedlet).

Also, in terms of the gathering, we do need to ensure we stick with the relevant states mandate. The other thing would be if members are "comfortable" being within the same space as those that are not vaccinated (I acknowledge this may be difficult but some members have certainly expressed concerns with this area- it would also be good to explore further).


Julie Anne Carrington Sun 19 Jun 2022 9:10PM

We should be seeking the advice of this lawyer he has had wins in this area. I was in a Jedlet on Friday where we were disscussing the face to face gathering in Novemeber which is in NSW.

This would mean to attend the gathering all Jeder members would have to be following the NSW directive to attend F2F.


Michaela Kennedy Sun 19 Jun 2022 1:40AM

Our next meeting: Microsoft Teams meeting

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Discussions were had around the grey areas of the mandate. See working in the grey - risk enablement document. Some questions were raised:

Can an individual risk assessment with Covid -19 risk control measures be agreed upon to allow unvaccinated staff to meet with their participants? Per Jurisdiction.

Julie will send a CEO letter from aged care centre as an example. @Julie Anne Carrington can you please put that here?

Can Coordinators and Case Workers work non face to face with their NDIS participants? Per Jurisdiction

Do we get a second opinion, from another lawyer? 

Are there other organisation that are working to find ways around the mandates? Can we collaborate with them?

The unvaccinated teachers worked with - Broomhall Barrister - in Tasmania – he sent a notice of concern to heads of department which caused changes in their language and approval of leave entitlements https://tasbar.com.au/barrister/raymond-j-broomhall/

Members of this medley have committed to continuing to research in order to find win / win solutions for our members that are choosing not to meet the requests of the mandates.

Others that are doing good work in this area:

Queensland Health Practitioners Alliance - https://qhpa.org/

Fair Business Australia - https://www.fairbusinessaustralia.com.au

Item removed


Michaela Kennedy Fri 3 Jun 2022 6:48AM

Topics for next meeting:

Confirm Purpose, review feedback.

Jason will bring the ethical considerations framework for discussion of how / when it can be applied here.

Review Working in the Grey - Risk Enablement Doc


Deleted account Fri 3 Jun 2022 6:47AM


Attached is the working in the grey/risk enablement document

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