Mon 23 Nov 2020 6:09PM

Agreeing our decision-making protocol for UNicoins team?

RB Ruth Blackshaw Public Seen by 9

Hi everyone,

In today's weekly meeting (23/11/20), we agreed that we could experiment with Loomio during the trial period for some of our decisions as a group - e.g. this could include agreeing on a plan for our prototype, how we plan to work with other teams and collaborators, etc.

It could be helpful to agree on how we want to take decisions in our group here perhaps? @Marc Liberati created a proposal in the general Loomio thread before about, for example, fractions % that need to agree to a certain decision for it to go through etc. Perhaps we can discuss here in a thread then one or more of us can make proposals around this, iterating to find something we agree to?



Ruth Blackshaw Wed 25 Nov 2020 9:25AM

@Marc Liberati would this be the same kind of idea as "consensus protocol" you mentioned in the other thread (on project board etc) or would this be different? we can merge threads if this is duplicative? I was thinking that we could use loomio to develop our decision-making protocol (in the board language this would be for the "core team")


Marc Liberati Wed 25 Nov 2020 10:15AM

@Ruth yes, would be good to have an agreed upon consensus protocol (proposal windows, timing, quorum & minimum threshold, % votes required to pass, abstentions, blocking rights, core governance consensus etc) that establishes the decision-making and governance amendment process as well as utilize tools such as Loomio to document actions.


Ruth Blackshaw Wed 25 Nov 2020 2:49PM

great thanks @Marc Liberati ! maybe we could do a collaborative proposal on loomio for some of these? there is a function where we can collaborate on the proposal before making it a proposal I believe


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Hi everyone,

Should we try the "work in progress" function to work on something together before actually voting on it? @Marc Liberati suggested that it would be good to cover the below, maybe we can start with quorum & minimum threshold for UNicoins team?

Propose that for major decisions such as anything involving financial implications or new team members or focus of prototype, that we need at least 60% of core team present? [i'm just improvising here, look forward to others ideas]
(points made by @Marc Liberati proposal windows, timing, quorum & minimum threshold, % votes required to pass, abstentions, blocking rights, core governance consensus etc)

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Amelia Craig Tue 23 Mar 2021 12:30PM

Hi All, I´ve started experimenting with agile decision-making tools. We can build a toolbox of tools/methods to use for certain kinds of decisions. There are 4 types of decisions here and we can add others: https://medium.com/101ideasforagileteams/team-decision-making-toolbox-f1212452df65


Ruth Blackshaw Tue 23 Mar 2021 9:12PM

Thanks for sharing @Amelia Craig great idea to create a toolbox of methods that we use together. Here's another - generative decision making: https://medium.com/percolab-droplets/generative-decision-making-process-cf0b131c5ac4
Inspired by your post @Amelia Craig, I started a gdoc (in our shared drive) where we can add inspiration sources that we want to try methods or approaches from. Would be good to include this also as part of our governance work discussed on slack @Amelia Craig @Akash K P


Michaela Markova Wed 24 Mar 2021 6:53AM

Agree that it would be good to have something like this! I am happy to go with whatever we decide:) We could also discuss at the next meeting


Ruth Blackshaw Wed 24 Mar 2021 9:05PM

don't think we need to decide on one thing but rather would be great to experiment with a few different approaches and tools and see what is most useful to us (also to help YUN thinking & UNicoins thinking)