Wed 6 Aug 2014 3:42AM

Board Election Introduction Andrew Reitemeyer

AR Andrew Reitemeyer Public Seen by 21

I joined the Pirate Party in Germany in April 2012,once I learned that non citizens are welcome. I served on the board of my local constituency of Osterholz-Scharmbeck from its formation until my departure for New Zealand in July 2013. I gained experience in campaigning and running a party similar in size to the current PPNZ.

I am currently a writer and editor for the Pirate Times, the international news service of Pirate Parties International. This has given me access to many prominent Pirates around the world many of whom I have the privilege of calling friends as well as colleagues. I am also active on the PPI social media team.

I was very disappointed to watch PPNZ deteriorate to its current position and want to work to get the party back on its feet and working to effect change in the country and around the world.

As a member of the board I would see one of the top priorities as being the rewriting of the constitution so that the power base would rest with the membership and the board would become an administrative organ, as it should have been from the outset. Policy and direction must be set by the grass roots of the party and it is notfor the board to be a controlling body for vetting policy, direction and candidates.

Increasing our membership is another high priority and I want to use the experience I gained in Europe, especially in Germany and Iceland to win new members to the Party and achieve the 500 needed for registration. We should be active offline as well as off. Communications should reflect the policies of the Party, as decided by the membership.

I am looking forward to working with engaged and motivated fellow board members.