Tue 1 Dec 2015 4:26PM

Track 3 : Craft the student experience and journey during the program.

DW Denny Wong Public Seen by 259

Objective: create a learning journey with catalyst that leads to different learning moments (a guided path).

Some of the questions to discuss are:

what is the first contact? how does it feel? from the start to the graduation?- how and what is an ideal learning sequence (path) look like? - how does the selection process look like? selection criteria? or readiness? duration?- what are the learning moments that do we want to instigate? - how to instigate a self awareness moment? (ie. break everything down to bare basic to rebuilt?)- how to "extend one's mind"?- how to open one's mind? how to help them look back on themselves? - how to help them feel their 'edge'? - how to to help them go beyond their perceived 'limit'?- how does the journey look like? - what is the path to be taken as an individual? what is the path taken as group?- how to make use of group dynamics to accelerate learning?- how to create urgency for accelerate learning?- how to guide the student? to ensure no one is left behind?- how to build their grit? learn to persist thru adversity? - how to come out stronger that before? - built up their self confidence?- how to navigate and accept VUCA - volatile, uncertainty, complex, ambiguity?- how to be an authentic leader?- how to enable them to create the future they want to have?- how to overcome their fear?- ...


Nynne Nørgaard Fri 4 Dec 2015 5:37PM

I think some kind of readiness and high motivation to take ownership of their own education and development needs to be present - maybe there could be some kind of common vision behind doing this specific education. Written and/or video applications as first round, personal longer interviews as second round. Potentially an assessment workshop. If people are willing to invest time and money in the application process it is the first sign of readiness and motivation.

Council Guide Training can support in some of these questions about self-awareness, self-perceived limits, confidence and especially fear, fear of failing, fear of success, fear of basically anything.


Nanne Feldhaus van Ham Sun 6 Dec 2015 8:31PM

From start to finish it should be clear the students are going on a journey. On in which their paths might be different but somehow they are all walking it together. A starting ceremony and ending one are needed, make the students feel special. It shouldn't be a school but a life changing experience. You need to make this clear. This is where the high motivation and readiness Nynne is talking about come in.

Time should be invested in creating a strong group feeling, we, we together. This way the students will crack open more easily. Getting to know each other better, feeling safer with the group. they will open up like the beautiful flowers they already are :)

Teach them the importance of asking the right questions, the question behind the question that is behind the question. it's a great lesson to start your journey with I think.