Tue 28 Nov 2017 10:03PM

Translation user feedback

RG Robert Guthrie Public Seen by 44

Hi translator friends

I'm starting a thread as a place for us to share feedback from users about the translations.

Anyone should feel free to post experiences of users in relation to the translation of Loomio.


Robert Guthrie Tue 28 Nov 2017 10:04PM

From Deniz, University of Geneva:

We had mainly a translation issue from English to French that is leading to confusion. When people create a discussion they click on "Nouvelle discussion". Then, you have to click "Démarrer" to send your discussion. But people don't really understand that this means "Send / Save", they actually understand it as "Next / Continue". Thus, they put the title and an abstract thinking there will be another window / popup after that and they realise that their discussion has been sent.

@juliencarnot this may interest you. Any thoughts?


Julien Carnot Tue 28 Nov 2017 10:40PM

Interesting feedback! Just checked the client resource on Transifex and the word "Démarrer" is only used for "Start" (common.action.start). It is a pretty straightforward translation, so I guess this is not really a translation problem but the wording which is ambiguous, even in English. Maybe the discussion thread creation modal should rather use one of the following terms instead of common.action.start (which can make more sense for a poll, vote or decision)?
* Launch the discussion
* Post the discussion (Post is already used for comments)

Another explanation could be that people do not regard the auto expanding 1,5 line-height textarea for context as an adapted place to write important context info (and possibly a few paragraphs long) and then expect another step for that. I, for one, find it strange that the space is even too small to display the placeholder text...