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UPDATE: We could do any day the week of February 26-March 2! I've updated the times available still below:
We'd like to set up some Skype/Google Hangout times with our students for the end of February. We are in Illinois, USA. We'd like to set these up for either Feb. 28 or Mar. 1 for the following times (CST):
Hr. 4- 10:40-11:28 am
Hr. 5- 12:26-1:14 pm
Hr. 6- 1:19-2:07 pm
Hr. 7- 2:12-3:00 pm
We can talk with different schools or classes for each on different days, so if one of these time slots works for you, let me know and we'll set it up! Our students will spend these two days working on the Slides for their chosen topic/global goal. Apart from that, they're also working to make a change in our community in regards to their topic either through raising awareness, donations, or volunteering. We should have a lot to talk about!


CANDE Wed 24 Jan 2018 3:38PM

Dear Kayla:My name is Cande Torres from Tenerife. We would love to skype with you 28th February at 8.00 a. m.
If you are interested, my email is: candetorres. [email protected]

Looking forward to meeting you

Best wishes


Kayla Anderson Wed 24 Jan 2018 3:58PM

Just sent you an email! Thanks!


Kayla Anderson Wed 28 Feb 2018 1:17PM

Hi Cande, Just making sure we're all set to talk at 8 am (CST). We will try Google Hangouts, but if you'd rather do Skype, send me your username, and we can call you on Skype instead. Thanks!


Kayla Anderson Wed 28 Feb 2018 1:23PM

Cande, I just saw the email to Ryan. Stay safe on the island! We'll try to catch up with you next week. Thanks!


Georgia Wilhelmsson Wed 24 Jan 2018 3:41PM

Hi Kayla!

We, the Swedish students, would love to Skype with you but our English lessons are on Tuesdays and Fridays. What a pity!

Georgia Wilhelmsson


Kayla Anderson Wed 24 Jan 2018 3:43PM

Hi Georgia. Let me see what we can do about week days. We may be able to switch it for one of our classes. What class period/time would work for you if we are able to move it to either Tuesday or Friday?


Kayla Anderson Thu 1 Feb 2018 1:40PM

Hi Georgia, Tuesday (Feb. 27) or Friday (Mar. 2) that same week would work for us. What hour would you be available? Here are the times we have free: Hr. 4- 10:40-11:28 am Hr. 5- 12:26-1:14 pm Hr. 6- 1:19-2:07 pm Hr. 7- 2:12-3:00 pm


Kayla Anderson Wed 24 Jan 2018 3:42PM

I should have mentioned that my students are in 11th grade (16-17 years old), but we're open to talking with students of different ages!


stefania Wed 24 Jan 2018 4:22PM

Dear KyleI'm Stefania from Venice Italy.
I would be interested in a skype session with your students, but please check the dates because 28th February is Sunday, perhaps
you mean on Monday 29th.
Our last lesson is from 12:00 to 13:00 UTC+1 and I think it's too early for your students because converting the time in CST it is 6 in the morning.
I was thinking about having my students connects with yours from home in the afternoon from Italy.
What do you think?
Let me know
Stefania Pesce


Kayla Anderson Wed 24 Jan 2018 4:25PM

Hi Stefania,
Feb. 28th is a Wednesday, so I think you may have been looking at January's dates. We could potentially have students Skype during class with your students from home, but we are hoping to get classroom-to-classroom set up with as many schools as possible. So, I can get back to you about the class to home connections as it gets closer. Thanks for being willing to chat with us!

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